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4000 Married Men Talk About Sex

and 12% even more than before:

  • “The more we learn about each other, the more trust

    there is and the better sex we have.”

  • “My wife is a temptress. I constantly want her.”
  • “I’ve strayed a couple of times and realized

    that my wife is better than any other woman.

He wants more. How much?

Most men (66%) claim that they have sex at least once a week, some (14%)

once in 10-14 days, while 6% say they do it nearly every day. At the same

time, oddly enough, only 12% confessed that they want sex more often (most

of them thought that 100% want it!).

63% of men say they don’t get pleasure from sex if

their partner doesn’t have an orgasm. 29% say that your orgasm is

not that important, that your feeling okay is just enough.

The most widespread men’s fantasies

Oral sex while he is driving a car.......................................................................


Fast sex in a restaurant bathroom while your friends are waiting for you.........18%

Sex in the water near a crowded beach............................................................16%

Sex in his office, behind a closed door, while others are working......................13%

Sex on airplane seat when the lights are off......................................................9%

What intensifies his desire?

Almost all men want us to take the initiative in sex spontaneously.

Moreover, they are more sensitive than we expect. Direct responses:

  • “I dream of my wife waking me up by stroking my penis”
  • “I want my wife, in a burst of passion, to tear off my clothes

    and straddle me”

  • “I would like her to wait for me after work in the bathroom

    with burning candles.”

  • I would like her to start foreplay with soft lights, romantic music

    and soft petting, not with the words, “Do you want to?”

  • My innermost desire is her doing something surprising without my

    suggesting it. For example, she meets me in the evening naked and says

    that she has bean dreaming all day about having sex with me.”

What do men long for?

Oral sex (you thought it would be something else?). Just mention these

words and you’ll see how their mood changes. How often do you give

this pleasure to your man? 28% of our respondents said

nearly every time (as a prelude or as alternative to traditional intercourse),

33% are lucky from time to time (on special occasions),

and 37% are almost always deprived of this pleasure unless

they ask for it themselves. Of all innermost desires, this one is likely

to be dominant -- hundreds of men checked it. Take into account that in

this dance, it is you who conducts, you can set your own rules. For instance,

if you feel disgust, do it after he takes a shower, and ask him not to

ejaculate without a prior agreed-upon sign.

What about women?

More than half of our respondents say they like giving oral pleasure

to their wives if not more than feeling it themselves. 55% of the poll

participants do it during every sexual encounter, 30% - sometimes (when

they are asked to pay back), 13% do it very rarely. Men are sure that

this is the best way to excite the partner, and they don’t understand

why women sometimes refuse it. “I can do it for hours, but my wife

doesn’t seem to like it,” says a 43-year-old man. A 34-year-old

man said, “She likes it, but finds it indecent”.

Often a man is so absorbed while providing pleasure to you (as he imagines

it, this is all his lips and tongue manipulations), that the bed becomes

a battlefield. If you don’t feel that you enjoy his actions, ask

him not to hurry and to first concentrate on stroking the inside of your

thigh. Also ask him not to ask, “Did you like it?” after each

time in the hope of getting an answer. If you enjoyed what he did, he

will feel it without words.

How long does sexual intercourse last?

20-30 minutes – 69%, 15 minutes -24%, 5 minutes - 7%.

In spite of the fact that 53% are quite content with the duration of

intercourse, 45% would like to increase their personal time. Why, exactly,

so they need additional time? You will never guess! 39% want to devote

more time to oral sex, nearly the same percentage (34%) want their partner

to give more time to stoking their nipples, neck, earlobes, back. Among

others, some dreamed of light touches to different part of the body, others

of simultaneous petting, a third of soft, long, deep kisses. Also there

were such requests to their partners as:

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