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4000 Married Men Talk About Sex

of his body;

  • Softly tickle his chest and legs (calf and feet);
  • Squeeze his testicles with your hands;
  • Stroke the anal area;
  • Carefully stroke his penis with your breasts, and then to embrace

    it in the hollow between them;

  • Lick his nipples and toes;
  • Bite his ears a little;
  • Hold his penis in your hand while you are lying together;
  • Softly run ice blocks along the body.
  • Which position do they like best?

    The woman on top – 45%, the man behind – 37%, missionary

    position – 12%.

    Missionary position (the man on top) is the least preferred, perhaps

    because of its simplicity (or maybe because of its name). The position

    “a man behind” suggests a certain “animal” element,

    but cannot be compared to “a woman on top.” This position

    offers everything that he wants in sex. He can easily touch you, and,

    what’s more, he sees your face and body; after all, visual contact

    is essential to a man while having sex. Only 2% think the best way to

    have sex is while standing, 24% want you in any position, but in fishnet

    stockings and spike heel shoes.

    47% of men think their partner enjoys sex to the same degree;

    43% - that she likes it less;

    10% - that she needs more sex than him.

    3 pieces of advice: how to make sex unforgettable

    1. Spontaneity

      • sometimes it’s even better to start the evening with sex than to follow the routine of “dinner, TV, shower and bed.”
      • stop the car somewhere along the roadside and have sex.
      • meet your husband at the door naked and excited.

    2. Adventure

      • more new ideas like you had before
      • don’t treat sex as a serious matter
      • suggest doing something new. I often invent something unusual, but she makes it clear that I have “inadequate” desires.

    3. Variety

      • something apart from “a man on top” or “a woman on top.” Whatever!
      • never repeat!
      • Demonstrate a desire to try unusual positions and techniques more often.

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