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Ninth Month of Pregnancy

Week 36


By this time you should have left your job and you should think of childbirth only. Perhaps the desire to stop pregnancy pain will be as strong as the fear of childbirth. The baby occupies the whole uterus already – he does not turn, he pushes. If your child is born now – the baby will be all right.


Your baby:


If it is your first pregnancy, the baby’s head is most likely to be in the pelvic region. There are nails on the finger and toes. A boy has testicles. This month the baby will put on 28 gr a day. His length is 46 cm, weight – 2, 5 kg.

New sensations:


The baby’s head is down, the uterus does not press the stomach and diaphragm so much, therefore heart burn, indigestion and breathlessness are happening less frequently. Perhaps urination will be more frequent due to the pressure on the urinary bladder. Sleep deficiency and carrying a heavy burden may cause tiredness. Vaginal elution is slicker and contains more slime, a bit of blood even. The elution may be brownish or pinkish, especially after inner examination and sexual intercourse. The skin and belly itch. You are preparing to “make a nest”. Do not be too enthusiastic! And do not get angry with everyone asking if you are still pregnant.


The way you look:


A big belly changes your center of gravity, so watch your balance. Your weight may stabilize on week 38. If you have gained 13 kg or less then the previous weight will return easily. The optimal weight gain to week 36 is 12 kg.


When will you give a birth to your child?


No one knows when your labor will start. Do not believe anyone who tells it any other way. There are symptoms that indicate the coming childbirth (uterus fundus is getting down, the front side of the baby is establishing, uterus cervix is opening). But “soon” may mean a few hours, three weeks or a longer period. Do not worry: your day or night will definitely come!


What you should do:


Hold your legs in horizontal position as often as possible so that you have no varix or swelling. Visit maternity ward center weekly. Buy a bra for breast- feeding and breast pads.


Prepare to go to the maternity hospital. You will need: a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, a towel, hygiene pads, breast pads, bra for breast feeding, a few pairs of dark panties, a dressing gown, two night gowns, your mobile phone, a passport, prenatal record, a camera, a spoon, a cup, a bit of food like some crackers, a chocolate bar, juice in a small pack, fruit-drops, perhaps you will need something to eat during birth pangs. And if it is standard in your maternity hospital – a bottle of champagne or a box of sweets for your midwife.

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