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Planning a wedding ?

2012's wedding season is just around the corner. If you are in the midst of planning the perfect wedding, remember one thing that reins true no matter what you do, "quantity does not always equal quality."



Whether you are searching for the wedding gown you've been dreaming of since you were 10, or the centerpieces that have set you apart from anyone else, you don't have to spend more, to get more.

Most of it has to do with putting alot of leg work and research into finding all of the things that will make that special day magical & memorable!


Focus on quality always! The price tag shouldn't tell you what something is really worth. A good example is one of the most important pieces of the wedding

puzzle: The wedding photographer. Research the internet for the style of wedding photography you prefer first.

Once you have decided wether you want the traditional, sit down, posed portraits, or the latest and greates photojournalistic style, you are ready to

find the photographer that's right for you. Remember, quality over quantity. Just because someone charges $10,000 for a wedding photography package,

doesn't necessarily mean they are the most talented photographer. And it doesn't mean that he/she will fit your needs. You should meet with your potential photographer. Sometimes what you see is not what you get. What that means is that you may love the work, but dislike the actual person and vice versa.

You may hate the price (way over budget), and love the person. To have the best of both worlds, you want to find a person that you know will do the right job because they are passionate about their work, and actually care about being part of one of the most important days of your life, and takes beautiful pictures! And their prices should be

close to your budget. But you know that even if they are somewhat higher than your budget, you may be willing to splurge just so that you know you truly are getting more!


As for the other little, but important details such as invitations and wedding favors. Be economical. You can find alot of precious things that reflect your personality without going overboard.

Set a budget as with everything else and stick to it.


As with everything else, your wedding day hairstyle and make-up is not something you can really put into someone else's hands. A bronzer on one woman, may make another woman look terribly sunburned. A smoky eye, if applied incorrectly can give you racoon eyes! And you don't want to look like a rabid animal on your wedding day! You want to look like yourself at least, right? Even before you go to the salon to schedule a trial, you can play around with hairstyles and make-up options online. One example is our virtual salon. Since we can't afford to try out

20 different hairstyles or hair colors, or destroy our delicate lips removing 25 different lip shades (trust me, I've tried it), we can play dress up, virtually! Isn't technology amazing?!


Remember, you don't have to spend a lot to get alot! Why buy hundreds of Bride magazines when you can access pictures and information of bridal gowns, ideas for bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, etc. on the web. Whatever you like, save into a file. Organize the photos and articles and print out only those that you know you will utilize. Today, we don't even need that terribly heavy yellow book, you know the one that weighs 40 lbs.! I find everything on the web, and you will too! Good luck and remember to have fun with the planning, don't stress. Just remember, it's one less thing that you are paying for!


Oh yeah, and congratulations!!!


Marina - A Lead Photographer at ImageSlice.com

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