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Does A Lonely Life Scare You?

Everyone is lonely in his/her own way; no matter how many close friends or people we like are around us, we still feel emptiness...


You’ve got three dogs, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, four best friends, hundreds of admirers, but there’s one thing missing - happiness. Strangely enough, many people believe that our happiness depends on the

world around us: on people we communicate with or good work. Yet, this is not so. Everything may seem fine: you’ve got a good job, faithful friends, parents you love, but something is missing. You come to your apartment, put on your slippers, sit down in your arm-chair, and starting reading a book or watching TV … there’s another soap-opera on…how smoothly things go on the show! Amazing bedroom scenes, love, passion …oh, why isn’t it like this in real life!


When there’s no one you love, life seems to lack something. My second half, where are you? Where can I find you? That feeling when you hear that you are beautiful, that you have the most magical eyes, best body in the world, even if it’s not true... the thing we are missing is love! Love with bouquets of roses, shining eyes after every date, a mysterious smile and with lips kissed fully. Without these, life isn’t life. It just goes by, and no money can fill this emptiness inside you, in your soul.


These are the moments we want to experience over again: the first school bell, first exciting anticipation of a date, first kiss, first confession of love, first hug, first feeling that you are not alone. “But, not everyone is as lucky as Mary next door who has a lot of love, while I’m lonely.” You should know that you are not alone… plenty of women are looking for heavenly, pure, passionate and eternal love. Someone said that our second halves are wandering somewhere, but unfortunately this person forgot to give us the name of the place. Maybe we will never find our second half, or maybe we will run into him in the subway or at the bus station and having paid no attention, we’ll run by in a hurry. It’s important to keep looking for love and never give up. Who knows, maybe your second half is next to you and you just don’t notice it or don’t want to notice. This may be Alex, from your class; or Bob, from you university; or Nick, from another department at work, who’s been trying to attract your attention with his funny jokes for two months. You don’t need to travel to the other part of the world to find him. Because you might be right next to him … he feels it … do you?

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