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What Type Of Man Have You Got?

Do you know who your man is? Here is a manual classifying the species of the opposite sex:


Mother's son. He’s well groomed, tender, good-looking, and in general very nice, but his mother is his number one person, and he, himself, is number two… and then comes the rest of the world in his line-up. He’s great as a friend, but dangerous for a serious relationship. You can try it with him if you are not afraid of his mother always being present in your bedroom and doing his laundry,

cooking, shopping and tying his shoelaces for the rest of his life.


Casanova. He’s handsome, imposing, and sexy. His characteristic features are a hairy chest that he proudly demonstrates, crooked legs, and a long nose. Women adore him; he makes them jealous. Deep down they feel it’s wrong to marry him, and he’s not dying to go to church with a young bride.


A big cat. He’s self-satisfied, charming, gentle, always with a smile and never in a hurry. He doesn’t know what diapers, periods, or cooking and cleaning are. Unlike Casanova, he’s not totally against marriage, but in his marriage, nothing should disturb, bother, or depress him. On the contrary, meals should be cooked; rooms must be cleaned; his slippers must be brought; and his back must be scratched when it needs scratching.


Unrecognized genius. He’s careless, laid-back, and tends to change his image. He’s ready to help out with the housework, but he is not born to earn money. However, he loves singing and playing the guitar, writing poems (sometimes they are not bad), pronouncing beautiful words, and just staring passively up at the ceiling.


Wishy-washy man. His characteristic feature is his head leaning on one side. His head looks as if it’s about to fall down weakly. It seems that the man is listening to an invisible speaker and is always ready to nod his approval. Such a man proves to be a submissive husband, and he’s a good match for a woman who’s a real commander-in-chief.


Aristocrat. He looks inaccessible and detached. This man favors exclusive tailor-made clothing.


Tycoon. He’s business personified. He doesn’t talk much and seldom smiles. Conservative suits are his favorites.


Gigolo. He’s hard to predict because

he likes to change and has various images. He’s trendy and kind of sugary.


Unisexual. First, you can’t figure out if it’s a chick or a guy. He wears his hair long and prefers skintight clothes, often with oriental patterns. He hides his masculinity.


Gangster. He’s a transitional type from ‘the Tycoon’ to ‘the Aristocrat’ with a criminal past.


Macho man. He’s a stylish Latin-American type, who’s a symbol of masculine sexuality.


Young macho man, a metro sexual in embryo. An experienced woman feels like taking such a guy on her lap. He’s cute. Metros are not born; they are made by stylists and designers.


If your man doesn’t fit under any of these headings then that means you own a very exclusive type!

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