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How To Get Rid Of That Annoying Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is all over you, and your biggest dream is to get rid of this pain in the neck! If you’re determined to break up with him, you should know what things women do that drive men crazy. Here are a few tips.


Go shopping with him


Most men HATE shopping, especially when this exciting (for women) pastime lasts for hours. They get annoyed when you can’t decide what to buy and, even better, constantly ask for their opinion! Make your shopping

together exhausting.


Be very emotional


Vent and whine on every possible occasion – when you break a nail, for example. Cry all the time for various reasons (a movie with an unhappy ending, unlucky hair-do, bad weather). Make comments about people in the street, your boyfriend’s friends and acquaintances. Men detest over-emotional behavior (well, they are just afraid of it!).


Talk non-stop


Every time he asks you, “How was your day?” instead of saying, “Marvelous! Yours?” begin a long description (40 minutes will do), giving all the tiny details, especially those that don’t matter. The most important part is – do not give him the slightest chance to interrupt you. Soon enough he’ll get tired of your monologues – men really do not want to listen to what has happened to you during the day. He’ll finally choose somebody who’s not so chatty.


Criticize him


Make it clear that your point of view is the only acceptable one. Start criticizing his opinion as well as his actions. No matter what he does, just tell him it’s not what you wanted him to do. It’s guaranteed that after some time your partner will be more than willing to break up with you. Men hate when their opinion does not really count.


Twist him round your little finger


Ask him to fulfill you every wish – and let your whims become more unpredictable. When he’s done with one of them, just tell him it doesn’t matter any more and you need something else instead. This will surely wound his self-esteem.


Wear the colors that he hates


Think of the clothing colors your boyfriend detests and use them in creating your “new style” (you can also get a new hair-do, but in this case use the color conditioner). Use your imagination and make sure he won’t like it. He grumbles when you use make-up? Do it! Men do not appreciate extremes in appearances!

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