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Listening To Your Inner Voice

Trust your inner voice – your inner voice is much cleverer than you think. It has been proven scientifically: the right decisions are made only when your sense and sensibility work in accordance with each other. Check to see if this is true in your case.


He wants to marry me! Me! Get married! The heart is pumping wild, a happy smile is settling on your face and there is only one picture in your mind: I’m wearing a white dress, the sun is shining brightly and we are celebrating our marriage with our closest friends at our great villa by the sea. The next picture: a walk in the autumn park. He is holding my hand gently, I am pregnant – I’m already in my ninth month. Now with a baby in my arms, I am sitting in our house in the village with such a nice front garden. Hey, stop here! In the village? Hmm. Yes, he was constantly saying that he wants to live in the country.

A smile disappears from my face and my stomach is churning unpleasantly. All of a sudden, my imagination starts to picture something quite different: it’s a dull winter evening and I am alone with the baby in our old rustic house. He (my husband), as usual, works til late at night. Next picture: my friend is calling: “Tonight we’re going to have some fun again. First, we’ll go to the opening of an exhibit and then to the movies, although I haven’t really recovered after what we did yesterday.” The next picture: my husband is home from work and we keep silent the whole evening. We have nothing to say to each other. Hmm. Should I marry him?


Polyphony: Making really important decisions can be compared to natural disasters. If it concerns work, compare it to cholera. If you have to choose the color of what shoes to buy, compare it to the flood. Compare it to the plague if you have to choose what to have for dinner: a salad or lasagna. You are in a constant state of hesitation and indecision: what if… perhaps… but on the other hand… And only when the argument is weighed and observed in detail, do you find out that your heart and your mind are inclined to choose very different things.


What to do? Play heads or tails? “Be serious! Be rational,” my father is saying. “You only see with your heart,” a Little Prince was saying. So, who is right? And what should I do?


Mind with the heart… The latest scientific research proves that your feelings are often wiser than your mind. The brain’s ability to process information is measured in 40-60 bites a second. It is enough to only capture seven aspects of a problem at a time. It means that the human mind is not very well structured for analyzing complicated relations and situations. It is in the emotional memory (which we often call an inner voice or intuition), on the contrary, everything we know is kept. There is also our life experience in the form of our senses. And we can get information from this “storeroom” in a fraction of a second. According to psychologists, our intuition is the part of our knowledge that stays in the unconscious and is able to send signals to the body. Your stomach is in knots when you are anxious, the heart is pumping wildly – these are so-called somatic markers – your body signs saying telling us “yes” or “no”, “stop” or “go on.”


Just practice. A series of interesting experiments shows that you can listen to your body signals. American psychologists conducted an experiment -- they suggested that each participant of the experiment choose one picture out of five -- the one that attracted his attention the most. Half of the participants had to choose a picture in a few seconds; the other half was to first give a written evaluation of the picture they liked. A few weeks later, they were called and asked if they had hung a copy of the picture they had chosen at home. Those whose choice was spontaneous said, “Yes”. Those who had to write about the picture first were not content with their choice. Not one of them had placed a picture on the wall.


“What this really means is intuition,” Albert Einstein thought. The latest theories of scientists investigating the human brain confirm it. According to their conclusions, intuition is not an obstacle to logical thinking. On the contrary, feelings are a necessary component of the process of making the right decision. The mind advises the emotional memory, which helps us to make an optimal choice based on our life experience.


Good audibility. Making decisions that contradict what the inner voice says can lead to mental problems -- depressions, phobias and complexes. The reason is that such behavior is based on the rules and norms stated by other people. So people choosing such behavior

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