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Listening To Your Inner Voice

  • You are going to discuss your pay raise with the boss. At the beginning

    of the conversation, you realize that he is in bad mood. What will you


    • You will try to find an excuse to postpone the conversation.
    • You will go on talking, paying no attention to his mood.
    • You will tell the boss about the success you’ve achieved, but you won’t talk about the pay raise.

  • What kind of gardens do you like?

    • Carefully planned.
    • Japanese style.
    • Rural ones.

  • Do you fall under anyone’s influence easily?

    • Yes.
    • No.

  • Do you order a dish you don’t really want and scold yourself


    • Yes.
    • No.

  • Do you follow sayings like: “Business before pleasure?”

    • Yes.
    • No.

  • Is your first impression of a person often wrong?

    • Yes, but you are never ashamed of saying it.
    • Not often.
    • Yes, practically always.

  • You have received a rather profitable offer to collaborate. But one

    of your friends doesn’t want to work with this partner. What will

    you do?

    • As you are very cautious, you will reject the offer.
    • You will ask your friend to tell you one more time why their collaboration wasn’t effective and, only after that, decide what to do.
    • You won’t reject a beneficial offer.

  • Have you noticed that wanting others to get understand your idea,

    you often provide illustrations and comparison with numbers and facts?

    • Yes.
    • Sometimes.
    • Never.

  • traveling in Italy, you suddenly fall in love with a little town

    you came upon by chance and you decide to stay there for a while. In

    the travel agency, you are told that all the hotels are full. One of

    the agents suggests that you stay in one of the rooms of his apartment.

    What will you do?

    • You will trust your feelings. If this agent seems to be a reliable person, you accept the offer.
    • Well, he is rather sympathetic, but you won’t accept his offer right away. You will take his phone number and think it over.
    • Before you make the decision, you will gather as much information as possible. How big is the room? Is there is a shower? How many people live there? And so on.

  • Your boss asks you to replace your colleague who has fallen ill and

    become head of the regional office for six months. Such an offer is

    unlikely to be rejected. What will you do?

    • You reject it, because you have no desire to spend six months without your boyfriend and friends in some distant

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