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Listening To Your Inner Voice

place. Besides, so much responsibility is not for you.

  • You will feel flattered, but at a bit of

    a loss because of having to move to another place and your new level

    of responsibilities. So you ask your boss to give you some time

    to think it over.

  • You will proudly accept the offer -–

    this is such a big career move!

  • Add up your points. You get 3 points

    for each green answer; 2 points – for

    each blue; 1 point – for each red.

    18-29 points.

    You always rely on facts; you only trust your mind and logic and try

    to ignore spontaneous feelings. You need to make everything perfect and

    try to control everything. Have you ever noticed that a rational approach

    to a problem takes too much of your time? So sometimes you have to admit

    that the thought-over decision wasn’t right. You seldom rely on

    your intuition. Most probably, you just ignore it. But the scientists

    have proven that every person has an inner voice. Different relaxing techniques

    like yoga or tai chi will help you to hear it. You don’t know where

    your intuition is? Just remember the situations when you were unfairly

    offended. The physical manifestation of your inner voice was then an unpleasant

    feeling in your stomach or a lump in your throat.

    30-44 points.

    You hear your inner voice but don’t always follow its instructions.

    You know that you should rely on your intuition, but you are afraid of

    completely relying on it. Your mind is fighting for the right to control

    your life and you let it do that. You have to repeat: “If I had

    relied on my intuition, this would not have happened!” Try to develop

    your inner voice by training it. Make decisions spontaneously and according

    to your feelings. Begin with insignificant things (like ordering meals

    in a restaurant). Then try to separate what your mind tells you from everything

    you get from your intuition, imagining their dialogue. Always look for


    45-54 points.

    Your intuition is perfect and your relation with your unconscious is

    very good. You are quite self-assured and your main advisor is your inner

    voice. Therefore, you almost never regret any of the decisions you’ve

    made. If you hesitate and are not sure about which decision to make, rely

    on your intuition! By using it, the right decision will come to you when

    you are distracted from the problem and doing something else. One piece

    of advice: always have a small notebook with you and write down your ideas.

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