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Nusa Dua

The tourist enclave is situated on the eastern side of the dry peninsula of Bu-kit in southern Bali, whose Savannah landscape is completely different from the rest of Bali. Nusa Dua was conjured up as an exclusive tourist oasis far away from any villages with the help of the World Bank. The concept behind this was fully implemented: too much tourism might damage the culture on the island. Therefore, western visitors could be concentrated here and provided with everything they could wish for; dancing and Gamelan music at evening buffets, arts and crafts in the hotel arcade, travel agencies in case anyone can pull themselves away from the swimming pool and make an excursion to true Bali.

All the hotels are of luxury status and offer a rich variety of sports – even an 18-hole golf course - wonderful parks and exquisite restaurants. Swimming in the sea is only possible at high tide due to the coral banks, something the fine pool complexes in the hotels have allowed for.

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