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Choosing Your Best Fashion Colors

Are you in some doubt when you choose the color of your clothes? Is it easy for you to say, without trying them on, which styles suits you and which do not? Is it easy for you to choose the new color of your hair? If you know exactly the type of your individuality you can choose your clothes, accessories, make up, the color of your hair -- you can even choose the color of the interior where you work or live.

An unsuitable palette can destroy the harmony of your individuality;

it highlights the flaws in your appearance.

Every person has her own color spectrum during her life- nature gives

us these colors. Sometimes the influence of our relatives, friends or

the latest word in fashion forces us to make the wrong choice. As a result,

we are of two minds when choosing clothes and makeup – we don’t

know the right style and color of our clothes. Our mood and our results

depend on color, so we should choose the color of our clothes and our

interior correctly. Choosing the wrong tints can mean being in the company

of unpleasant people who depress you.

How can we determine our coloring?

Colors are divided into 4 types: warm and bright, cold and subdued, warm

and subdued, cold and bright. Masters of style call these types spring,

summer, autumn and winter. It is very important to choose the right tint

in color. Let’s take brown, for instance. It suits everybody. But

we must remember there are a number of brown tints. We should not mix

them up. We can destroy the beauty of natural coloring. Warm fawn tints

are for autumn, light gold-browns are for spring, cool rosy-browns are

for summer, bright cold black-browns are for winter. Try to determine

your own coloring and enjoy the results. Your colors – it’s

your style, it’s your mood, it’s your life!

The colors of your palette brighten your face, underline your individuality

and supplement natural tints.

First of all you must be free; testing can take

the whole day!

In the second place (it is the most difficult)

determine your natural tints: the color of your face and lips, the color

of your iris and the color of your hair.

The main points of your testing:

Daylight, without sun, in order to avoid catchlights, and wearing no makeup.

If your hair is dyed, tie a kerchief of a neutral color around your head.

Leave your neck and shoulders bear so that your can see only natural tints.

  • Take a good look at yourself; don’t be in a hurry:
  • Are your colors warm or cold?
  • Does your skin have yellow, light-blue or olive-green tints?
  • Does your hair have reddish, blue, ashy or taupe gleam?
  • What color are your freckles?

Third, do a color test.


Pick out clothes, materials, shawls that suit you or not. The main difficulties

are that you begin to mix up tints that you like and that really suit


For instance, people with cool summer coloring are particularly partial

to ginger tints, which do not suit them any more.

Step aside from your tastes.


Your prevalent colors:

Cold- winter or summer

Warm – spring or autumn

Subdued- autumn or summer

Bright- spring or winter

Light- mainly spring or summer

Dark- mainly autumn or winter.

Of course, there are nuances for every coloring. But still we don’t

need details – we only need to determine your main type and then

you can easily choose your clothes.

Advice. For getting your bearings in colors and creating colors combinations, follow the houses of fashion. For the last word in fashion, you can find references in “your unique style. Fashion ideas”. In the section winter, summer, spring, autumn you can read about every type in details.

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