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Factors to Consider When Choosing Cosmetics

Every female chooses for herself which cosmetic

products to use. Our grandmothers had no cosmetic products at all and

still managed to do without it. But in the beginning of the XIX century,

a 30-year old lady was considered old.

Let’s try to find out what products you can put aside and which

you needn’t save money on.

Within the borders of reasonable

“Balzac’s age” is regarded as a synonym of

being old by the majority of today’s youngsters, who think a 50

year-old woman is old. In reality, “Balzac’s age” women

were only 30-35 years old. Of course, they didn’t look like women

do today. But even in the present time, women who take care of themselves

and those who don’t are two big differences. And all of them want,

without a doubt, to stay young and be attractive as long as possible.

So what’s the matter?

Women who don’t use cosmetics justify this inattention to themselves

by saying that they just have no spare time. This is a lame excuse, because

only a few women truly spend hours sitting in front of a mirror or in

a spa. Most women need only 10 minutes every day to complete all necessary

cosmetic procedures. So all such saying proves the fact that some women

don’t understand the point of spending money on various creams and

skin tonics when they can manage with only one lipstick and one type of


It is good to be savvy, but is spending money on cosmetics sometimes

justified? We will list the most common questions women ask. However,

you have to choose specific products because the choice depends on your

age, type of skin, and problems which may bother you.

Conditions of necessity

1. Do

I have to use toner?

Don’t save money on toner. Such products

are relatively cheap and last long. The main task of a toner is to complete

cleaning, refresh the skin, and shrink the pores. Failing to use a toner

results in pieces of makeup staying on your face and the prevention of

penetration by any creams.

Comparative analysis. The result will be

more evident if you use toner in the evening, after removing makeup. Wash

your face as usual. Wet a cotton pad with toner and clean your face, paying

additional attention to the sides of the nose, the forehead, near the

ears and the lips. Now look at the cotton pad -- you will see spots of

the tone cream and lipstick. If you do this experiment every day for a

month, you will note that the color of your face becomes fresher. It is

necessary to use toner daily, in the morning and in the evening.

2. I don’t have to use cream for eyes, do I?

You can only avoid eye creams when you are young. After 30, the eyes get

surrounded by a tiny network of wrinkles. Exhaustion, lack of sleep, excess

levels of water, and stresses leave dark circles around your eyes. You

don’t want all these to show on your face, so don’t try to

save money on creams.

Comparative analysis. You will not see any

results after the first application of a cream. The effect will be noticeable

in 3-4 weeks; wrinkles will be smoothed and swelling will lessen. If you

stop using cream, everything will soon return. Continuing to use creams

will help prevent aging.

Conclusion: you have to use it twice a day.

3. Can I do without face scrub?

You certainly can, but in this case dead skin cells will not be removed

which will slow regeneration and lower the effectiveness of cosmetic products.

Comparative analysis. If you want to know

how your face feels without proper cleaning, take a shower without using

any gels. Don’t want to try? So why do you make your face undergo

this experiment? Right after the first use, you will feel that your skin

is silkier and smoother. Regular use will improve the color of your face.

It is necessary to use. Once a week is enough.


4. Can I avoid using face masks?

An easy piece of advice is to use products that you already have on hand:

sour cream, oat cereal, cucumbers, and strawberries. But don’t forget

about this procedure or your skin will constantly feel the lack of moisture

and vitamins. There are also cleansing masks. They open pores and remove

old cells. Choose masks depending on what your skin needs most: nourishing,

moistening, or cleansing. It is better to buy several types of masks and

to alternate them.

Comparative analysis. If it doesn’t

sound convincing, just imagine that you have been on a diet for the whole

year. That’s how your skin feels. The main purpose of masks is to

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