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Growing Old Gracefully

Cosmetology is not al mighty – even with limitless funds, it's impossible to look like you're 16 years old all your life. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn to accept your age gracefully, and get your hands on some good makeup.


An interview with a psychiatrist:


You can miss it, but don’t overdo it!


It is taken for granted that youth is associated with beauty. Youth

fades away and so does attractiveness. The first hints of age are taken

most seriously. It is very stressful for a woman to find the first

little wrinkle on her face. It is even worse for women who live in

large cities, like businesswomen, who are always in the center of cultural and social life. This may lead a woman to experience some anxiety.

Actually, the first shock of appearance change can result in depression

and low self-esteem. Avoiding this means you have to develop a calm

attitude toward the first wrinkles and other changes which would certainly




How do you do this?


  1. Remember that depression doesn’t make a person more beautiful. Don’t concentrate on emotions. Sad thoughts about fading beauty will only speed up the process. And even the most expensive cosmetics won’t be able to hide that.
  2. Don’t try to compare the way you look now with your appearance when you were young. Tell your reflection in the mirror, “Yes I have changed, but I am not worse than I was before. My beauty is just a little bit different – it comes from inside. And it is based on my life experience which is only growing richer and richer with every year.”
  3. If you feel that you don’t fit the previous criteria of attractiveness, then it is time to change them. For example, you used to think that only a young woman can be beautiful, but not a forty year old. Long ago, old women were not even considered to be beautiful. And now look at them in the street, office or on TV. You will notice that many of them look great with the help of cosmetics. It means that you, too, can look fabulous.
  4. Think of what “beautiful old age” really is – and the aim should be achievable for you. For example, you have beautiful curly hair. It will still look great when it turns a little gray. You will be surrounded by grandchildren and your love for them will brighten your eyes and make them attractive. You will keep the habit of doing sports activities (or acquire it) and it will help maintain your posture. If you aim for a “beautiful old age”, you will have it.
  5. Many women take the fading of their beauty very seriously because, subconsciously, they think, “only beautiful women are loved.” They think that getting older means that nobody will ever love them.
  6. Such superstitions are always in the air; many heard them when they were children. They take them for granted. But what if you believe them? Actually beauty and love are not interconnected. You might remember some of your friends who were not really beautiful, but were happy with their family life. You can also recall some sayings, such as “Don’t be born beautiful, but happy”, and “Love is Blind”.
  7. And lastly, love has different forms – this feeling doesn’t only occur between a man and a woman. Do you think that your children, your sister or your dog will love you less because your appearance has changed?   To them, your were and always will be beautiful, have beautiful eyes & beautiful hair.
  8. The first wrinkle makes you think about life. Use it to your advantage. Chase away the thoughts that life is coming to an end. It’s better to think of the good things waiting for you. What would you like to fill your life with? It’s quite possible that you will come to an interesting conclusion and will thank the first wrinkle for giving you the opportunity to think about life.
  9. Don’t neglect meditation and self-perception. Tell yourself: “I am beautiful and attractive.” It’s so simple, but it works! It is better to do it in front of the mirror. Do it every time you feel that you’re losing confidence.
  10. Remember: positive and negative self-perceptions work equally well. So stop criticizing yourself. If you tell yourself everyday that you’re unattractive, after a month you will look older.
  11. If you are really depressed about your age, it’s probably not the wrinkles that make you feel sad. The cause of your depression is something else. Think about your way of life, the people surrounding you, the things you miss. Stress can be amplified by loneliness or failure in the professional arena. Women who have families and good jobs are less stressed about getting old.



The active second phase

So the first shock is gone and you are standing at the crossroads. You

have three directions to follow and one of them leads to the depths of

depression and sadness.


It’s better to choose from the other two ways. They both help

to escape regrets about passing youthfulness.


The first way is open for a few – for those who, after some

thinking, just tell themselves: “I am still great”

and stop paying attention to wrinkles. These women don’t

change anything in their usual way of life.


The second way means active counter measures aimed at getting rid of

wrinkles and other signs of getting old. After you have started to look

after yourself, you just have no time to worry. You will stop blaming

nature and take complete responsibility for the way you look.


But the “active way” has a lot of trappings. It is

better to follow it with a map of the most dangerous places. Here are

some milestones.

  1. When trying to preserve beauty, don’t fight for youth, fight against old age. When you fight to look young, you won’t seem 25-30 years old. It’s impossible. Despite any modern cosmetic magic, your age will be noticeable. Besides, youth is associated with activeness and childishness. You have to agree that a woman with these traits looks a little bit odd.
  2. If you fight against old age you want stay in the middle age – 30–45 years. It is possible to preserve the beauty of this age for a long time, if, of course, you have enough money. Besides, fighting against old age means keeping an active social life and avoiding illness.
  3. If you have limited finances, don’t spend the last of your savings on an expensive beauty salon or fitness club. The joy of getting better will be overshadowed by a high price. You don’t have to spend hundreds on getting your hair beautiful.  Find the right hairdresser that knows what kind of hair cut and style will make you look younger.
  4. Remember that there are several solutions to a problem. For instance, you can become beautiful with the help of a personal coach and an expensive fitness machine, or you can just look through women’s magazines, find exercises and work out at home.
  5. Your friends are intrigued by how you manage to look so young. But you are not satisfied. You go to a cosmetologist on a daily basis, spend a lot of money but don’t feel happy. Excess concern about your appearance, as a rule, is just the tip of the iceberg. It can be caused by low self-esteem and difficulties with communication. If you experience symptoms of depression or anxiety, it might be best to consult a psychiatrist.

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