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Beauty Tips For Women Over 40

Beautiful make up is essential for any age. But for women over 40, there are some other main rules of beauty care than don’t apply to young girls.


If you have darker skin, pigment particles sink more easily into the

wrinkles and make them more visible. That is why women over 40 should

choose lighter shades of their main base.



The key to fine-featured make-up is well-moistened skin.

So before applying make-up, use moisturizer to the skin and rub it in

with your fingertips. For even shading, use main colors that reflect light

well or use toning cream. Choose dark tints of the main color with caution.

A lipstick of eggplant or raspberry color does not fit for everyone. Don’t

use bright colors or the ‘pearl’ effect when choosing eye




For eyes, cheeks and lips it’s preferable to use soft brownish-pink

or fair, breezy shades. You can hide shadows under your

eyes with camouflage creams. They should be 2-3 points

lighter than the main color.


For weary eyes: use eye shadows with a reddish color

under the exterior parts of your eyebrows, thinning them outward. Eyelashes

colored with dark-brown mascara will match these shadows perfectly.



For eye make-up, you should use simple cool or warm

shades, depending on your character. Outline the upper eyelid with black,

green or blue eye pencil in combination with black, green or brown eyelash

mascara. Cheek colors and powder applied with a powder puff on the chin

and top of the neck area produce the impression of tight skin. After this,

shade the peripheries with transparent pulverized powder.



Warm natural shades look very good on the eyes. They particularly fit

well for women of mature age.



Sometimes the whites of eyes become yellowish. This can be improved with

white-eye pencil. Shimmering blue or lavender eye shadows will make your

eyes shine.



Shadows under the eyes can be covered and look very

natural when you use cream that is applied with a brush in very thin layer.




If tiny brown spots appear on your face, get some special product to

make them invisible. The active ingredients in these products will decolorize

the spots. The brown spots are the result of indigestion and a disturbance

in your metabolic system. After you diet to repair the liver function,

they often disappear. Coating and cosmetic camouflage creams will cover these spots

and will make the skin look beautiful and smooth.

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