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Advice for Healthy, Low-Fat Eating

lunch. Snacking with 50 calories allows you to reduce your lunch by

200 calories. And you feel satisfied. Net savings -- 150 calories!

  • It is easy to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet as well. That

    is, of course, under the condition that you will not ban it completely.

    People assimilate very quickly to reduced amounts of sugars in drinks.

    Drink beverages with artificial sweeteners. Reduce the amount of white

    bread and increase the amount of wheat bread in your daily diet.

  • This regime of eating helps to control weight. It is currently the easiest,

    most effective and pleasurable system of weight management. Moreover,

    research has shown that this diet results in weight loss during the first

    three months.

    You should begin with this system if you are planning on losing weight.

    You need time to adjust to a different diet, find out what kinds of food

    you like, and learn to cook everything properly.

    Here are some dishes we recommend that you cook if you want to lose

    some weight. They are pretty easy to prepare and contain very small amounts

    of both calories and fat. At the same time, they are rich in fiber --

    which makes them very substantial. Delaying hunger, combined with ingesting

    only small amounts of calories and fat, makes for a combination which

    will help you to control your weight. Besides -- these dishes will be

    very suitable for unloading mode. We know the amount of fat and the calories

    are at the lowest possible levels.

    Having learned to cook them, you should be able to cook a variety of

    dishes very easily. The same recipes can be found in a cook book. The

    main goal is to reduce fat without losing flavor.

    Let’s begin with salads.

    The first recipe is very easy. It is a salad made from cucumbers, tomatoes,

    sweet jalapenos, radishes, and lettuce. Salt is the only spice used. The

    nutrition value equals 15 calories per five ounces; a standard serving

    in 10 ounces.

    A great dressing for a salad is a soft, low fat cottage cheese mixed

    with yogurt in a 1:1 ratio. The nutrition value equals 65 calories per

    five ounces. This dressing can also be used for soups, as well as for

    fruit and berry salads.

    “Fruit salad”

    One apple, one pear, one banana, one kiwi, and one-half orange. All

    should be cut, then dressed with five ounces of cottage cheese mixed with

    yogurt. You can add one teaspoon of sugar if you like.

    Total nutrition value –- 400 calories. Total weight –- 35

    ounces. It can be divided into four portions of nine ounces each. You

    can eat it with a slice of a fresh wheat roll. You can also prepare the

    same salad with berries. Total nutrition value in this case will be a

    little bit lower –- about 80 calories for a portion. This will,

    however, look more like a dessert look more like a desert than a salad

    if prepared correctly.

    Additional salad recipes:

    • Five ounces of boiled rice with five ounces of cut crab meat, plus

      one teaspoon of low fat mayonnaise. One portion of 10 ounces has a nutrition

      value of no more than 170 calories. It’s a very filling dish.

    • 5 ounces of long rice mixed with one-half of a banana. This portion

      has the nutrition value of 110 calories per serving.

    • Again, a very simple salad. You shred a fresh cabbage (20 ounces)

      and carrots (5 ounces), mix it together, add salt and one teaspoon of

      sugar, then dress with vinegar or lemon juice. Total weight -–

      11 ounces. Nutrition value -– 170 calories. You can split it into

      three portions if you prefer.

    Two more recipes for salads containing meat. Meat makes any salad more

    substantial, but doesn’t add too much fat.

    Salad with Brussels cabbage

    15 ounces boiled Brussels cabbage, 10 ounces boiled beef of chicken

    filet, one boiled egg, one onion (2 ounces), green peas, marinated cucumbers

    (5 ounces), and 2 ounces low fat mayonnaise.

    Take the cabbage apart and chop the rest of the ingredients. Add salt

    and mayonnaise. Total weight –- 45 ounces. Total nutrition value

    -– 620 calories. Nutrition value of a portion (5 ounces) –-

    about 100 calories. Six portions total.

    “Fresh” salad

    10 ounces boiled chicken filet, 10 ounces fresh cucumber, 10 ounces

    fresh tomatoes, 7 ounces cabbage, 7 ounces fresh carrots, 7 ounces apple,

    one boiled egg, 7 ounces green peas, two tablespoons of low fat mayonnaise.

    Cut the chicken and tomatoes -- the remaining ingredients work better

    when shredded. Mix, then dress with mayonnaise. Total weight is 60 ounces

    (about 7 servings). Nutrition value per serving is 95 calories.

    Let’s get down to soups.

    Soup with beef, mushrooms and noodles.

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