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Advice for Healthy, Low-Fat Eating

Fish in general is very low in fat.

Chicken fillet in milk sauce.

You need 15 ounces of chicken fillet and 15 ounces of skim milk. You’ll

also need one tablespoon of flour and assorted spices. Pour the milk (mixed

with the flour) on the chicken and put in the oven. Bake until the dish

is ready. You will get three servings. Each serving will have the nutrition

value of 200 calories.

About bread.

The times when bread was banned for people who tried to lose weight

have passed long ago. Present research shows that diets rich in bread

and wheat help to maintain a consistent weight.

Bread with bran.

I strongly recommend this bread. It contains a lot of fiber, which is

very good for digestion, and low levels of cholesterol. It has a nutrition

value of about 220 calories in 5 ounces.

Wheat bread.

Wheat bread has a nutrition value of 230 calories, while white bread

240 calories, per serving. It is a very healthy food.

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