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Food Selection - Cucumber



Today we are going to talk about the numerous useful properties of cucumbers.


Cucumbers contain a lot of water -- 96 percent in fact. Cucumber water is rich in biologically active substances, mineral salts and vitamins.


Specialists claim that the significant amount of potassium that cucumbers contain has a salutary influence on heart performance, normalizes blood pressure, and also promotes liquid withdrawal from the body. There is also iodine in cucumbers, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. As for sulfur, it improves teeth, nails and hair.


As a result of numerous studies, it has been ascertained that cucumbers contain fluorine, zinc, molybdenum, iron, aluminum and folic acid. This fact is of great importance to people who suffer from pancreatic diabetes.


Due to being low-calorie, cucumbers are recommended for overweight people. It should also be noted that specialists advise everyone trying to lose weight (and those cleaning the body) to have one fasting day per week, desirably on the weekend. On each fasting day you should consume about two kilos of cucumbers. Fasting days are also useful for those who have high blood pressure.


It should be noted that fresh cucumbers contribute to fat and protein assimilation within the body, and they also have a soft laxative effect on the body.


Now a few words about cucumber juice. It eliminates thirst, calms and strengthens the nervous system, and also improves memory and helps to deal with gum problems. A mixture of cucumber and carrot juice is helpful when dealing with rheumatism.


Do not have too many fresh cucumbers if you suffer from gastritis, enteritis, or colitis. Cucumbers are bad for people who have stomach ulcers and nephritis. Cosmetic masks made of cucumbers, however, are useful for everyone. Such masks make the skin more elastic and smooth, and they diminish pores.

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