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Food Selection - Grapes

consumed grapes.

When choosing grapes in a supermarket, keep in mind that brown spots

and pigmentation do not necessarily mean that the grapes are of poor quality.

The only thing that you have to pay attention to is whether the berries

are spoiled or not. Fresh grapes have a kind of whitish-thin coating.

Grapes with a thick peel, hard pulp, and crumbly bunches are kept safe

for longer periods of time. Dark varieties of grapes can be preserved

longer than light varieties, and dark grapes also offer more health benefits.

In domestic conditions, grapes cannot be preserved very long because

the berry needs a well-ventilated room. For brief storage (15-20 days)

bunches of grapes can be displayed on shelves of a non-heated room. You

can also keep grapes safe by placing them in small wooden boxes and mixing

them with sawdust. Small amounts of grapes can be kept in a freezer or

a refrigerator in closed plastic bags or carton boxes.

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