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Problems Of Well-Endowed Women

and smoothes the contrasts of sizes. For this reason, you can afford to

wear clothes that have folds and tucks, a draped wrap and rhythmical contrasting

fabric design. Your breasts will be very prominent in smooth close-fitting

and one-color clothes.

Don’t forget about the strategy of drawing the attention away

from the problematic parts of your body: garish jewelry on your neck,

scarves, and contrasting collars give the best fit to you. Sumptuous haircuts

and big hats are good for women with large breasts, and if your shoulders

are narrow and slanting, the most suitable things for you are wide cuts,

yokes on the shoulders, shoulder straps and turndown collars.

For work clothes, especially if you need to look very business-like,

it’s better to wear neutral, subdued, dark colors; these colors

convey the impression of good business organization, objectivity and authority.

The most “courageous” pattern is a stripe again, that shows

energy and dynamism. There’s the perfect variant for you in the

world of clothes – an unbuttoned jacket, with a transverse-striped

sweater under it. The fabrics must be thick, tough, opaque and smooth,

rather than textural.

And, on the contrary, warm, soft, pale shades, thin streamy cloth, loose

frills and ruches, flowered and not uncontrasting patterns in combination

with your feminine figure with soft features form a very calm, soft look

that can be very good for you if, for example, you work with children,

or you need to evoke a sense of peace, confidence and openness.

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