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Performance Review Video

What is a performance review?

Make Your Workplace More Homey

The way we feel at our workplace influences our ability to work well and our state of health. We can't reconstruct the whole office to our preference, but we can organize our...

How To Fight Gossips In The Office

Even if you have just started working in a company, you can’t escape gossips. Coworkers talk about each other a lot. Approximately 64% of colleagues have gossiped. What is...

Changing Your Career

You are facing the problem of changing your career. This decision did not come to you at the spur of the moment. You didn’t just wake up in the morning thinking that your boss...

4 Tips to Update Your Workplace Wardrobe

At least two times each year every woman should go through her workplace wardrobe and update her look. This process involves two steps: cleaning out your closet to discard older items, then adding new, updated pieces to...

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