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How To Fight Gossips In The Office

Even if you have just started working in a company, you can’t escape gossips. Coworkers talk about each other a lot. Approximately 64% of colleagues have gossiped.


What is “gossip”? Gossip is disrespectful talking about somebody who is not present. So why do we gossip so often? We do it for several reasons.


One reason is for revenge; you want to cause harm to a person who abused, humiliated or criticized you in front of other people. You are not brave enough to talk openly to the abuser and prefer gossiping. Sometimes people gossip when they want to be closer to a certain group of colleagues. It has been known for a long time that nothing binds people stronger then the presence of a common enemy.


Often people do it to humiliate other people and feel their superiority in the moment, strengthening their authority and self-esteem. (Or, in other words, people with lots of issues use other people to get rid of their own feelings of incompetence).


How can you fight office gossip?


When gossips start spreading rumors over the office, anyone can stop it. It’s better to stop it at once in the very beginning when not a lot of people are involved.


There are several ways to fight gossipers.


  1. When talking to gossipers, you can conclude that their words form their future. Negative attitudes can only cause negative results: ineffective work, hostile atmosphere and bad relationships at the workplace. You can initiate a corporate training called “How do gossips harm the team and how we can fight them?” If the question about gossips is open to discussion, talkative people will feel pressure to stop spreading false information.
  2. Open conflict. This is the most aggressive way to fight gossips and is also the most direct way to tell a gossiper to shut up. It’s important that everyone in the company knows the policy about gossips (even firing, if a person doesn’t stop talking) and it should be included it the corporate rules.
  3. Suggest to change the subject. When somebody tries to involve you in gossiping you can take an alternative position and propose to talk about more important business things.
    In fighting gossips, it is important not only to make a person stop but also suggest positive and constructive alternatives to gossiping.

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