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Tips To Becoming More Patient

a long time and it irritates you, stand up straight and put your legs

shoulder-width apart. Shift the body weight slowly to the left leg without

pulling the feet away from the floor. Count to five and shift the body

weight to the right leg.

  • Devote yourself to household chores: do housecleaning, cook, do the

    dishes, iron. It helps you to calm down because the result of your work

    is shown at once. It is a kind of meditation. Besides, nothing raises

    the spirits more than the view of clean windows and sparkling shelf


  • 7

    ways to become patient

    1. Drink less coffee. Black tea, coffee, cola, and chocolate contain

      caffeine that can be the reason for irritability.

    2. Check your medicine chest. Increased irritability can be a side effect

      of some medicines and hormone contraceptives. If lately you lose your

      temper more often than usual without evident reasons, consult with your


    3. Look for the way out. Try to remove constant temper spots. It drives

      you crazy that your husband is constantly forgetting to close a tube

      of toothpaste? Buy tubes that do not have covers.

    4. Say “no” to people. Often we lose our temper when we

      have to do what we do not want to do. But we agree because we cannot

      refuse. If you are too busy to help your colleague with a report or

      have no desire to watch the film your friend likes, just refuse.

    5. Make up a rule of the last warning. It especially affects children

      well who try your patience. Arrange with them that after the last warning

      you will really get angry. So, when you say: “I warn you for the

      last time”, children have a choice – to stop being naughty

      or to prepare for the punishment.

    6. Do not take too much upon yourself. You cannot make everybody be

      just like you wish. Your intentions are probably the best when you make

      your husband do morning exercises and your children practice music two

      hours a day. But finally they decide themselves. And everybody would

      be happy if you supported his or her decision instead of thrusting your


    7. Accept that you are not always right. Of course, you are the best,

      but sometimes (very rarely, surely) your decision is not unique and

      other ways out are possible. If you learn to accept it, your nervous

      system will be healthier.

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