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The Businesswoman

style. The embellishments and accessories must be hardly noticeable, but

of the highest quality so that when your colleagues look at you, they

won’t think that a woman, dressed in a bright color, is a lightheaded

creature who thinks only about clothes.

The same is true if you prefer to be free of the severe forms of the

classic suit, if you prefer dresses and fashionable skirts or pants suits

to a standard jacket ensemble: in this case the color range of the ensemble

must be very modest, somewhat dry; do not use fabrics with a flowered

pattern, multicolored, or with a large pattern. If you decide to express

yourself through accessories and decorations, color range and cuts must

be perfectly strict and businesslike. So, the main idea is: a minimum

of personal information in a business atmosphere. The choice of the suit

in the first place, is your professional duty, but not the matter of taste.

So, don’t worry that there will be clothes of different styles

in your closet. From nine until six, your appearance belongs to your bosses.

From six until nine and on weekends, you become yourself. When you are

with your friends and family, and even when you’re alone, you wear

those clothes that reflect to your individual style -- the clothes that

you like, feel comfortable in, that you really love. It’s the time

when you can openly show yourself. It’s the time for sports, sex,

folklore, fantasy, romantic and other interesting styles, a time for clothes

"with flavor." A time to be different from other women.

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