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Ten Ways to Build a Successful Career

The more ambitious and pretentious you are, the more useful these rules will be for you. They are suitable for any level of career and ambitions. While examining these rules in detail, try to find the best way how to use our ideas in your own career. Focus on a very narrow sphere and develop your skills in it. Find a niche in your specialization in which you will excel and derive pleasure from, then wait for a chance to become a leader in this sphere. Remember that power is in knowledge. Define your area and basic clients and offer them your best services. Find out where 20% of efforts will give you 80% of results. Learn from the best. Begin to work for yourself at the beginning of your career. Engage as many producers of surplus value as possible. Give the work that is not your specialization to someone else. Use your capital as a means of enrichment.


Specialization is one of the greatest and the most universal life laws.


Evolution of life itself submits to this law – each kind of plant or animal tends to find its ecological niche and develops unique features. A moderate company that cannot find its niche within the market is doomed to death. The person who is not a professional in his or her business is almost always a slave who just lives on salary.


Higher life standards are available thanks to more and more developed specialization.


The electronic computer appeared as the result of the development of a new specialized electronic branch; the personal computer is the result of specialization; modern software oriented on users has formed a new specialization branch; the appearance of information system storage on CD is one more side of the same process. Biotechnology develops in the same way. As every new step demands even greater specialization, this science will soon make a revolution in food production.

Your career should develop in the same way. The main thing here is competence.


By definition, specialization is impossible without special knowledge. In the majority of countries the proportion of the able-bodied population who can claim to get a working place, and worksites requiring high qualification, is 20% to 80%. More and more often in highly developed societies, the most important class feature is not the degree or even financial property ownership but the position of information degree.


Find your niche. It can take much time, but this is the only way to get access to super-profit.


Choose a specialization niche in which you will work with pleasure and manage to become the best.


Specialization demands a very careful approach. The narrower the specialization sphere, the more carefully you should choose it.


Specialize in the sphere which is interesting for you and pleasant to work in. You will never become a leader in the sphere that does not stimulate your enthusiasm and passion.


It is not as difficult as it seems at first sight. Nowadays, almost any hobby can become a commercial activity.


You can look at it from another angle. Almost everybody who is already on top worked with gusto during earlier times. Enthusiasm is a driving force for any achievement, and when a person inspires others with it, his power increases many times. You cannot simulate enthusiasm and hand it over to other people unless you feel it yourself.


If you feel no enthusiasm towards your present job but you want to be a success, leave it.


But before doing so, you should choose a better field. Take a sheet of paper and put down the things that inspire your enthusiasm. Then think which ones you can turn into your future career. Choose the single sphere that appeals to you the most.


Realize that knowledge is power.


Knowledge is the main ingredient in career construction based on enthusiasm. You should be extremely competent in your sphere. Then you will be able to change your knowledge into money, create demand for this knowledge, and build a customer system.


It is not enough to know much about little.


You should know more about this little than anybody else. Do not stop deepening and broadening your knowledge until you are sure that nobody is more competent in this sphere than you.


Transformation of your knowledge into the good that can be sold is a creative process, and you should think about how to do it. Try to use the experience of people who sell knowledge in the sphere that is close to yours. If you do not have such an example, follow the instructions given below.


Find out what your market is like, who your main clients are, and offer them your best services.


Your market is people who are able to pay for your knowledge. Your main clients should be those people who will evaluate your services in the best way.


Your “battlefield” is the market; that is why you should

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