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Pulling Double Duty: School and Work

Today many of us understand that to become more successful, it is necessary to raise one’s intellectual level from time to time. But it is very difficult to work and to learn at the same time. How can a person endure double loading, and how can a person find some time for studies if there are only 24 hours in a day? If you realize that you need to raise your qualification, do it at once, as it becomes more and more difficult with the passing years. But before entering some institution, decide if you will be able to combine home affairs with studies and work. Think it over thoroughly otherwise you can waste a lot of time and money in the process.


The family council.


Before studying, try to explain to your relatives how it is important for you. If you think that you’ll have some problems with any of them, be ready for the conversation. In your mind, make a list where the members of the family stand in order according to their degree of submission. For example: 1) the children; 2) the husband; 3) the parents. Begin by looking for support among the most loyal members of your family. Plan the conversation according to the classical scheme of political talks. First, speak about the positive prospective (also for the person to whom you are talking) and only then about the ways of achieving it. Having discussed it with everybody (except the most pessimistic person) gather the family to have a talk. Tell them about the conversation beforehand and start planning the agenda. As with any business meeting, your talk must be accompanied with a proper drink reception. When it is over and everybody is in a good mood, tell everybody about your plans. You should do it in the form of a short report supporting your speech with necessary calculations. Start speaking about your promotion, but warn them that you will have to study; explain that you’ll need their help to achieve that.


Discuss with your relatives what duties they may have (your mother will cook, your husband will buy the products, your elder daughter will bring your younger son to the swimming-pool).
If your relatives start arguing, be patient. It is better to put the discussion off. S ometimes people need some time to think the information over and to submit. Try to turn the arguing into a joke so that your relatives won’t feel uncomfortable after the conversation.


The joint affairs.


When you start studying, try to spend more of your spare time with your family. If you previously had some time for yourself (the swimming-pool, the fitness club), either forget about them or participate in these activities together with your family.


For your husband, your studies are almost the same ordeal as they are for you. If he can help you in your studies, make him do it. It is possible that he will want to be your coach. By doing that he won’t feel deserted and you won’t feel like a betrayer who has changed the family for the purposes of a career.


Usually children understand that their mother is occupied. A successful mother is more to their liking than just “a woman who cooks”. Even if you talk with your child only a half of an hour per working day, he or she won’t suffer the lack of your attention. But on the weekend make up for it. Go to the cinema or to the exhibition together, or play badminton. Never vent your fatigue upon your child. If you can’t control your feelings, you should probably give up the studies.


If you live together with your mother, it will certainly be her who will do all the duties around the house. On the weekend try to help her, or communicate with her informing her about your affairs so that she will realize her importance to you.


When your boss is against.


It often occurs that additional education is connected with the asking for time-off to pass the exams. It is clear that not every boss will like it. But as it is difficult to conceal your studies from him, try to win his favor using the methods of psychological influence. When approaching your boss, don’t start speaking about your problems at once.


First, try to speak about something such as his hobby. While talking to him, copy his intonation and expressions and at the same time smile charmingly. If your boss starts speaking about his merits, admire him and praise him sincerely (but don’t flatter).


Use “the method of connection”: try to show that your boss and you have common points of view on life and have similar interests. When you gain the trust of your boss, speak about your studies calmly. Try to use the method of “spin”: state your request by accentuating the most important points.


Finally, the boss will understand that your studies are a very important beginning for the whole company and that you have decided to do it for

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