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Pulling Double Duty: School and Work

the prosperity of your dear firm.

If you feel that your boss is irritated, stop talking about it in order

to continue the conversation at another time.

You will require “the method of chattering sore questions”

when you’ll have to ask to leave the work next time. Turn the boss’s

attention from the topic of your early leaving to some global problems

(floods, terrorist attacks).

The time machine.

When you begin your studies, your life will be arranged in advance;

console yourself by knowing that one day the troubles will pass and you’ll

finally be awarded by new knowledge and perhaps a promotion.

Learn the schedule in the institution and then combine it with your

day regime. Make a detailed daily routine including the time for lunches

and dinners, the way home or to the institution, and so forth. Hang it

in a noticeable place and try to follow it.

Write down all the affairs in your diary. This will not only help you

to remember everything, but it will also make you more organized. If you

haven’t done anything today, do it tomorrow. Learn to control yourself

and you’ll be successful in every affair. Learn to combine affairs.

For instance, read your educational literature while you’re traveling

on public transportation. In the underground, if you sit, you can complete

written tasks. Listen to any audiocassettes while doing work about the

house. It is possible that you’ll have to get up earlier and to

go to bed later. Give up watching soap operas and talking over the telephone.


Perhaps one day you’ll feel that you can’t stand a quick

pace in life. Don’t question yourself: medical workers think that

it’s better to prevent overwork than to suffer its consequences

later. Have a short rest during work to do exercises, and use anti-stressful

vitamins and herbal drinks at night.

Use the method “alien field”: go somewhere where you have

never been before, for example a rock concert, a football match, or a

club. Don’t try to join this or that society, just spend there some


The method of “getting up easily”. To sleep better and to

get up cheerfully in the morning, try to find the best time of the rest

for your body.

Finally, try to use the method “masks”. These are the facial

gestures which help you to relax. The mask of the surprise: open your

eyes widely, make the sound ’o’ with the help of your lips,

strain the forehead muscles, and relax the eyebrows for 10-15 seconds.

The mask of the monster: looking at the unfinished work, make the most

terrific grimace (you can even snarl a bit).

Personal opinion.

Helen Shtykunova, the chief of the marketing department of the International

Medical Company:

“I have 3 higher education degrees -- medical, linguistic, and

economical. I got the second one when I worked and studied at the University

(three evenings a week plus Saturday). I didn’t have any problems

with the boss. He treated my decision to study with respect. My close

friends and family did the most of work and I’m thankful to them

for their help in bringing up my daughter. Having graduated from the University

I started working in the foreign pharmaceutical company. Then I decided

to make a career out of it. For this I needed to get the basic knowledge

in the institution of a certain level. I paid for my studies myself (the

family budget suffered again). In trying to find the time for studies,

I came to my work an hour earlier and reduced the time of my break.

You know, six fellow-students out of thirty brought their spouses to

the institution. Having finished the institution I got a good promotion.

Now I send my subordinates to study (providing them with the necessary

money). I give them an opportunity to realize themselves. I think that

we should renew our knowledge every six years.

Our expert, Olga Petrova, the chief of the center

of the additional education:

Education is a way of development, which also is one of the best and

the most harmonious forms of support for life activity. We should understand

it, then our mind will distribute the life forces according to the degree

of importance and you will be able to study and to work without harming

yourself and your family. The assurance that studies are a difficult job

exhausts the mental forces most of all. In fact, the volume of information

which is absorbed in the process of studying is not much bigger than that

we get every day consciously and subconsciously. To release your time

and mind you need to choose the level of information that is necessary

and you’ll notice that life is more interesting and saturated. Then

you’ll feel respect towards yourself and to the surrounding world,

understanding that “cognition” conducts everything and that

you take part in this great business.

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