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Womanknows Interviews Pop Sensation Ro Danishei

End of the Rainbow Album Cover

Womanknows: Tell us who is Ro Danishei?
Ro Danishei: Hey!! I'm a pop recording artist/songwriter based out of LA but originally from NYC. I've been in the music business for almost 8 years, 6 of which I was the lead singer in girl group "Candy Coated Chaos." We were number one unsigned artists on Myspace music for a while and got to enjoy huge underground success on radio, internet, and clubs all over the world. All of my material is licensed with MTV and has been played in over 40 episodes of shows like "The Hills", "The City", "Jersey Shore", "America's Best Dance Crew", "The Buried Life", and more. I went solo in late 2009. Ohh, and I'm Russian!

Womannows: What made you get into this industry?
Ro Danishei: I always knew I wanted to be in entertainment in some capacity. I was 9 when I started writing songs and at 12 I joined a girl group and started doing music professionally. It's always been my passion to sing and perform. I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

Womanknows: Tell us about your current project, 'End of the Rainbow' and where can our readers find it?
Ro Danishei: "End of the Rainbow" is an album I released independently on new year's day 2011 for free download on my website www.RoDanishei.com - It's my first release as a solo artist and is really a reflection of myself and life as a 19 year old living on my own, my struggles and antics, love life, etc. it's very honest. It's also like a big pop/dance music party. It's been getting lots of success online and the buzz has spread pretty quickly...I've already been featured on several huge pop culture/music blogs including Just Jared, Jon Alis Blog, MTV Buzzworthy, Electroqueer, and several others. It's been getting some radio play as well. I opened up a sold out show just a couple of weeks ago with pop internet sensation Simon Curtis, for Glee's Corey Monteith at the Roxy theatre on Sunset, and am getting ready for a show in London with my great friends and incredible talents Simon Curtis and Andrea Lewis sponsored by EQ in March. So things are going pretty well! Again you can download the album free at www.RoDanishei.com - I really hope you enjoy it :)

Womanknows: What's next for Ro Danishei?
Ro Danishei: Well I am always working on side projects, writing and co-writing songs, pitching to bigger artists, right now I'm working on a few things for Usher...will they get picked up? I don't know! Crossing my fingers! But as far as my music goes, I begin work on my next album in late February. I'm sick of all of this four on the floor overkill. Expect the next wave of pop music.

Womanknows: What advice can you give to young ladies, who might be interested in entertainment as a career choice?
Ro Danishei: I'm always a big advocate for following your dreams. I have to warn you and say it's a big commitment. You should know it's what you really want before you try to tackle it because it takes a lot of continuous energy. I think entertainment in general is a lot more than a job or even a career, it's a lifestyle, and you have to stay grounded otherwise you'll get swallowed up! Too many people come out to "Hollywood" to do the same thing, but not all with the right mind set, passion, and work ethic. I think anything you believe in and are willing to work for, you have the power to make happen. It's all about what you send out into the universe. Never give up, and be thankful for everything no matter how small!

We would like to thank Ms. Danishei and our readers.

Once again, don’t forget to download free ‘End of the Rainbow’
by Ro Danishei at www.RoDanishei.com

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