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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? What You Can Do

Talk directly to the person

After the first incident of sexual harassment itself, ask the person to stop. If he continues to harass you, inform him that you are going to file a report about his behavior. If he does not stop after this request, there are further steps that need to be taken.


Find witnesses and other victims

Search for other women in the office who have suffered sexual harassment from the same person. You may find that some women have already filed a complaint against the person. Secure witness testimonials of the incident in writing. This will help in supporting your claim.


Inform the supervisor

If the person does not stop harassing you, report the incident to your immediate supervisor. Send a letter to the supervisor, detailing all the events which took place. Try to meet the supervisor personally and explain the situation to him or her.


Contact the human resources manager

File lawsuit

If the perpetrator was the senior-most person in your office, then you can decide to file a lawsuit against him. If he fired you due to your resistance, you may get monetary returns as this is against the law. If you are planning to file a legal complaint, then seek help from a qualified and experienced attorney who has already handled cases of sexual harassment.

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