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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? What You Can Do

We’ve heard several stories about a woman being harassed by a male colleague in the workplace. In two-thirds of such cases, the perpetrator is a superior. The man is seen direct about his intention,...

4 Tips to Update Your Workplace Wardrobe

Wardrobe for the Workplace At least two times each year...

Womanknows Interviews Pop Sensation Ro Danishei

Rochella Danishei

Performance Review Video

What is a performance review?

Putting Together a Curriculum Vitae

- How to put Together a Curriculum Vitae ?

Six Typical Mistakes Women Make at Work

Why do some women achieve success quickly and are regarded as equal partners, while others remain just good industrious workers but nothing else, even though both started in the same position? What is the reason for success of the first and failure of the second?...

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