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Why Men Could Be Unfaithful?

Sometimes, men and women think of monogamy as the only way to save the most important things in their lives. “I was unfaithful with other women, but I won’t be with this one because she helped me to understand that the price is too high”, but sometimes understanding comes too late. So why are people unfaithful?


There are different reasons, but none of them can be an excuse for unfaithfulness. It’s strange, but the most popular reason is fear and unwillingness to take any responsibilities with reference to another person. Usually it’s the result of inward immaturity, but sometimes it happens because of serious psychological problems.

It is rather common for people to be unfaithful to seek revenge; they know that their beloved is unfaithful, so they try to find one more partner as quickly as possible to stay equal. I don’t know if this method is really effective, it may help someone, but the main problem isn’t solved, your pain is still with you. Besides, the person who was chosen to be a “medicine” for you may think that you really like him - is that really what you want?


Unfaithfulness as a method to stop the relations. It’s not the best method. You will hurt the person you have been close with, and you won’t be happy with a new partner. As a rule people, people who are unfaithful to end the previous relationship can’t stay with those who remind them of their previous heartlessness.


Boredom and dissatisfaction. Long relationships often become too monotonous. Everything is well, but there is nothing interesting and extraordinary, so unconsciously you begin looking for someone who can give you a new start, who lets you feel like the center of attention. Sometimes you are not satisfied with your sexual life, but you don’t say anything to your friend so as not to offend him. You find a lover instead. In this case you will have 100% adrenaline and new emotions about when your fraud will be disclosed, and you will remember with regret that “boring” but quiet and calm life.


By the way, “cheaters” can be divided into 2 large groups.


The first group consists of people who are absolutely sure that they should get everything they want at any moment. They don’t think of the consequences of their actions, and they don’t understand that they may hurt somebody.


The second group includes diffident people. They always need someone to validate their beauty, and they can be easily “tempted”.


American psychologists point out 30 reasons for men’s unfaithfulness:


  1. When a man is unfaithful while courting you, he will probably do the same thing after marriage. If a man was unfaithful with his first wife, he will probably do it for the second time in his second marriage.
  2. His father was unfaithful. It’s been proven that when we become adults, we unconsciously copy the pattern of our parents’ relationship. Think about it, and you may discover something very interesting.
  3. Your father was unfaithful. A woman whose father was unfaithful often looks for a man who will copy her father’s behavior.
  4. He had a lot of experience before marriage. Don’t make illusions that he will be different with you and that you’ll become the only woman for him.
  5. Due to his work day schedule, he may have a lot of unsupervised free time. Even if you call him during his working day several times, he’ll find a chance to be unfaithful.
  6. He has an opportunity to spend his time with another woman. For example you are away on vacation, or he is resting away from home - so why not take the opportunity? He was at the party without you, and there was a woman who paid a lot of attention to him…
  7. He has close contacts with other women: A secretary, colleague, and your girlfriends are more dangerous for you than women you don’t know because they are more likely to become your rivals. Sometimes accessibility causes unfaithfulness.
  8. He does not feel he is being understood by you, and he is lonely with you.
  9. He doesn’t acknowledge any conventions and rejects social morals. He is known to be a cynic. Nothing is sacred for him.
  10. He doesn’t believe in monogamy. Being faithful is nothing special for him. He behaves according to his convictions.
  11. He is looking for extremes. The easiest way to get enough adrenaline is to have sex with another woman.
  12. He wants to express his position. He tries to realize his ambitions with the help of unfaithfulness.
  13. He never repents what he has done. He doesn’t even feel he is guilty.

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