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Why Men Could Be Unfaithful?

  • He is VERY jealous. Actually his groundless jealousy can mean that

    he is unfaithful, or he’s going to be unfaithful.

  • Your marriage approaches its critical age.
  • You are pregnant, so you avoid having sex with him.
  • You have a newly born baby. The reason is the same.
  • He has achieved great success. This is a psychological point; some

    men have an inward fear of success. They can’t play the part of

    a winner in all spheres of life, so they destroy their family life.

  • He is part of a business or criminal world where it’s encouraged

    to have a lover, so he must have one.

  • He is too hard-working and he can’t stand being emotional.

    Such men consider sex to be useful for their health, but women are not

    so important for him.

  • His friends have mistresses. He also wants to have them.
  • He is an alcoholic or a drug addict. No comments.
  • He is going through a difficult and uneasy period of time in his

    life. Sex for him is just like a kind of relaxation.

  • He is depressed. Sex is the best treatment.
  • Your marriage isn’t happy anymore; you have no close contact

    with each other.

  • One of you is threatened with a divorce. Be careful, this menace

    can be realized with the help of unfaithfulness.

  • He wants to leave you, but he is afraid of bringing it up, so his

    having a mistress is intended to provoke you into a divorce and to stop

    further relations.

  • Your mutual love is over; he is looking for his lost illusions.
  • He is nearly 40. It’s a critical age for men because of some

    hormonal changes in their body.

  • Your marriage is happy. Just a paradox…
  • The rule of matrimonial life is that even the most carefully disguised

    unfaithfulness will be obvious after some time. There are some tiny, invisible

    things which help women to discover unfaithfulness, even if they don’t

    want to.

    It’s strange, but when unfaithfulness becomes obvious, most of

    the men depend on women’s understanding, and they are really surprised

    when women don’t forgive unfaithfulness.

    What should you do if your husband is unfaithful?

    Get used to the fact that lots of husbands are unfaithful if they have

    such a chance. Matrimonial unfaithfulness is a wide spread thing now.

    Many men say that they are unfaithful for no special reason or just because

    they had the chance. Men don’t plan to be unfaithful, they just

    have more possibilities, and their libido is much stronger. Don’t

    turn it into a tragedy, and your life will be easier.

    Think about why your husband is unfaithful. Perhaps it happens because

    of you, or the two of you are not compatible. If he doesn’t feel

    comfortable at home, and if he isn’t satisfied with your family

    life, it can be expected that he will look for love, care, and calmness

    with another woman. Remember that all love affairs, sooner or later, will

    end. If you don’t make strained relations more acute, it’s

    possible that his passion to another woman will die. As a rule, his affection

    for his wife is stronger than a new affair. Never shout at him to try

    to find out whom he loves more, because he will go to a mistress to calm


    Don’t make him choose between the mistress and you because

    a married man has a mistress for amusement and for change.

    Make your husband feel calm and quiet. A mistress will demand

    for a divorce very soon, but usually men are afraid of women who are eager

    to get married.

    If you feel hurt and humiliated, don’t keep your emotions inside

    of you. You may cry, swear, tear his photo, and burn it up, but do it

    when nobody can see. Don’t speak to your friends about your problems,

    the only thing they can do is to tell everybody that your husband is unfaithful.

    There are very few people who will sympathize with a deceived wife; moreover,

    many women feel pleased and satisfied by seeing their friends unhappy

    and humble.

    Don’t tell him anything, just look at him with reproach

    to make him feel guilty.

    To forgive or not to forgive? This is the question. There is no need

    to answer it. Perhaps the problem will solve itself in your favor.

    Psychologists think that a critical period when a man may leave his

    family, is the first year of his loving affairs. If he has not asked you

    for a divorce during the first year of your family life, the possibility

    that he will do it later is very little.

    Try to get revenge. It’s much harder for men than for

    women to be deceived.

    As a rule, being a victim of unfaithfulness, women will cry.

    But do they only cry?

    Most of the women stop crying, but they don’t forget about the

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