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Understanding the Digestive System of Children

Some children belch from time to time, others do it every time after feeding. Newborn children can do it because of lack of development of the sphincter between the gullet and the stomach. Older ...

Left and Right Brains

Fortunately the times when lefthanders were forcibly altered into right-handers have already passed. Nowadays a baby operating well with his left hand or with both hands equally won’t surprise anyone....

How To Cope With Teenagers That Use Drugs ?

For some reason, a lot of kind and sympathetic people who never faced the problem of a child’s or teenager's drug addiction say the same thing: “It's all his (her) fault!” To say that a child...

Getting Enough Sun

Is It necessary to begin preventive measures of rachitis during your pregnancy ?

Components Necessary In a Childís Diet

What Components are Necessary In Children's Diet ?

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