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Getting Enough Sun

the time your baby is two or three weeks old.

What causes this disease?

Mineral metabolism disturbance taking place in a child's body begins

with the deficit of vitamin D in the bowels. This shortage causes the

decrease of calcium absorption and, consequently, the percentage of calcium

in the blood diminishes. As this element is extremely necessary for the

functioning of the main organs and systems, the lack of it is made up

at the expense of taking it from the bones of a child. The shortage of

vitamin D can result from malnutrition or the lack of sunlight.

Our expert, Michael Anderson, a pediatrician

Are there any contraindications for taking Vitamin D?

Answer: There are certain contraindications

to taking Vitamin D. They are: organic lesions of the central nervous

system (hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome, central paralysis, microcephalia)

and hypercalcemia. Remember that the question of a prescription for any

medicine should be answered by a doctor and Vitamin D is no exception.

What are the prognoses of rachitis treatment?

Answer: If the disease is detected early and

if the treatment is correct, then the period of reparation will be replaced

by the period of recovery. If there is no effect from the treatment, it

is necessary to have a more precise diagnosis to exclude a rickets-like

diseases caused by hereditary.

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