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How To Cope With Teenagers That Use Drugs ?

as a lecturer in schools, universities and military units. He stopped

taking drugs at once when he got there. It was a miracle. But it was true!

For two years, I was under severe stress. Surely we mothers of drug

addicts are in need of treatment too. I was so happy when I saw the results

of the treatment, when I saw his eyes becoming clearer!

My main problem was that I wasn't ready to face the truth for a long

time. If you suspect something or if you notice changes in your child's

mood or if his school work suffers or if the color of his eyes and the

size of his pupils are constantly changing, go to an expert! There are

different treatment modes. The main thing is not to give up. Now I realize

that everything wasn't in vain. In October it will be seven years that

my son is enjoying his life.

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