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4 Stages of a Married Man

Once the excitement of a wedding subsides, and once the bride and bridegroom have settled into their new lives together, a new husband sometimes has second-thoughts regarding his decision. It’s not uncommon for a newly-married man to think to himself, “We should now live together, bring up children, and love each other until death?” An understanding of the commitments and responsibilities that come as part of a marriage are not always easily accepted. Occasionally, a new husband may need a lot of time to adjust to his new lifestyle. Because of this, the life of a man can be divided into 4 stages.

The 1st stage: Theatrical< /em>


Stage 1 usually doesn’t last very long, normally only a year or two. Women who are lucky might experience it longer than others, however it is rarely found in couples who have been married for extended periods of time. What this stage is referring to is when a man takes on the role of a husband. In other words, he claims the role of the “ruler” in the family, similar to saying, “I’m the master and you’re my woman.” Young women usually find themselves in a situation such as this. This is the most favorable period in a marriage and often leads to the birth of the couple’s first child.


The 2nd stage: Troubled Times


Stage 2 is characterized by a man’s sudden feeling that his freedom of choice regarding a lifestyle is being challenged by his married lifestyle. This usually occurs 2-3 years into a marriage when a man comes to the realization that his wife is comparable to a Mongolian-Tatar yoke. In other words, he sees her as having appeared from nowhere, taken his freedom, and demanded that he live a lifestyle that he has no control over. To compensate, he begins a “battle for his liberty”. He cheats, behaves with little respect for his wife, and acts in ways that are hurtful to the marriage. Psychologists have a definition for this stage – the Crisis of the 3rd year. In many instances this stage is overcome and the marriage is strengthened by the experience. In other cases, the marriage isn’t strong enough to survive and it crumbles.


The 3rd stage: Flight From a Hen-House


Frequently a doubtful victory in this battle falls to women’s share. Not standing the defeat, a man runs out of a battlefield. Often into a new love and new relations, where he tries to find understanding and care. He just stifles with his former relations, and hunger for liberty wins everything on its way. To its credit be it said, this stage appears not very often, only if the conflict between the mates has been already deeply rooted and nothing can be improved. Unfortunately, a child, already coming into the world, suffers from it.


Sometimes a man doesn’t go away, and it’s the worst of all. Since the scandals in the family don’t cut off, and the mates agonize of their own free will. And again a child suffers from it.


The 4th stage: understanding


After the train of the unfortunate relations, with the appearance of the grey hair, a man finally begins to understand that the woman with whom he exchanged the wedding rings and swore in love is the best of all women. He “returns” and with a really “Christ’s humility” tries to renew the former love. And at last, he begins to realize the measure of responsibility for HIS family, which he himself has some time created. He lives a long time and feels happy with the beloved woman, children and grandchildren. May God grant him good health!

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