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Keeping Love Alive

How wonderful to see wedding parties coming down the street – to see the happy newlyweds beginning their new life. How can they keep the romance of their first dates for the rest of their lives together? Here’s some advice:


  • Don’t lose contact with each other. Talk over all your troubles and problems, trust each other and don’t be afraid of opening up about your feelings.
  • Don’t let grudges build up. If you were somehow upset by the behavior of your partner, just calmly say, “You know, darling, I’ve been hurt by your deed (words). I’d prefer that you…”
  • Try to be frank.
  • Speak only about your feelings, without becoming personal. Instead of saying, “You treat me badly, you’re stingy, etc.,” build “I-reports”: “I’d want… I feel… I’ve become aware…”
  • Gain an understanding of your expectations. Try to discuss them together. It’s not helpful to say: “I see you’ve fallen out of love with me, you don’t value me”. It would be better to say: “You know, I’d love it if you brought me flowers”, or “It would be so nice if we went to a show on our days off.” Talk to each other kindly and nicely.
  • Avoid yelling; don’t make the situation worse with reproaches and accusations.
  • Talk about specific problems, not generalizations. Remember that you both want the same things. Try to find solutions that will suit you both; try to meet each other half-way. Talk honestly, to remove any misunderstandings.
  • Don’t forget to thank each other for little things. No one is obliged to do something; you’ve married each other because you truly wanted to.
  • Learn not to demand, but to express your wishes; not to be offended, but to accept the things that don’t always go exactly the way you planned.
  • Let your darling be himself (herself)and try you remain yourself with others.
  • Don’t go to bed without making up. Don’t be in a hurry to accuse your partner. It’s better to try to understand the reasons for the quarrel.
  • Change your routine! Arrange special holidays for just the two of you. Think about things you’d like to do and prepare for them in advance.
  • If necessary, turn to a relationship expert for advice. Don’t feel that you have to solve everything on your own.
  • Don’t run away from your problems. You’re strong enough to turn the original romantic idyll into a real family life.
  • Keep your love alive, show concern, understanding and support for your significant other!

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