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Listening To Your Inner Voice

start feeling as if they just played a role and do not have a normal life.

But being too impulsive all the time is not very good either. It would

be a mistake to listen to your inner voice alone, or to be guided by logic

all the time. There are two centers in our mind that can make decisions,

and it is not by chance. To find the right way out, you need to have a

balanced inner state should there be a disagreement between your mind

and emotions.

Soul gymnastics. Any normal person is able

to develop his intuition. All people have somatic markers; that is, they

get signals that their brain sends through body sensations. But, unfortunately,

not everyone is receptive to these signals and so is unable to use them

in decision-making. To develop your intuition, open your mind. There are

meditative techniques such as yoga or tai chi for that purpose. They direct

attention to a person’s inner world. It is well known that people

are more sensitive to negative signals. That is why it’s advisable

to concentrate on these “hints” first, learning how to prevent

the possible consequences of the wrong choice.

Try to conduct “inner dialogues” between your mind and

the intuition and do it aloud. For example, your mind may persuade your

feelings that you should take your boss’ offer and take a business

trip for a six-month period to a distant location if it will help you

to get a promotion. Or that the pleasure of eating chocolate is deceptive

because you gain weight from eating sweets. And more: if you learn to

react to your own instincts, your life will become the way you want it

to be.

I asked myself why my heart was pumping wildly when I imagined a white

dress or a baby in my arms. And I realized that I want to feel like a

real princess at least once. However, my inner voice had to agree that

a princess cloistered in an ivory castle

(or rustic house) is never really

happy. Well, I didn’t marry him.



  1. Do you gesticulate while talking?

    • Yes, often.
    • Sometimes.
    • Never.

  2. Do other people often pour out their souls to you?

    • Yes.
    • No.

  3. Do you feel as though you’re a child?

    • Yes.
    • No.

  4. Do you plunge into doing something, forgetting about the other things

    you have to do?

    • Yes.
    • No.

  5. All the tickets for a movie you were going to see are sold. Your


    • You think “I should have bought tickets in advance” and go to see another film in a blue mood.
    • It’s okay. You’re happy to see another movie.
    • You are so disappointed that you go back home.

  6. Do you feel comfortable in your body?

    • Yes.
    • No.

  7. Do you pay attention to, and mimic, the gestures of your questioner?

    • Yes, always.
    • Sometimes.
    • Never.

  8. Can you feel that your friend is in trouble before she tells you

    about it?

    • Yes, always.
    • Sometimes.
    • No.

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