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7 Methods for Open Communication Within a Relationship

Be open to sharing your thoughts.


It’s important to be open to talking about things that seem wrong or things that confuse you. Keep in mind that it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it!


Make sure you allow adequate amounts of time to speak about any problems.


If you try to speak with your partner on his way to the work or call him over his lunch break, there’s a good chance you’ll be

unhappy with the level of attention you’re given. If your intended discussion is important, plan a time when both of you will have adequate time to talk. Your respect for his private time will help you gain his confidence and will ensure that you are being listened to while talking over the problem.


Don’t assume anything!


It’s impossible to know what your partner has on his mind without actually hearing him say it. Don’t try to guess what he is thinking about; it’s better to just ask him. Asking helps to eliminate wrong guesses or false impressions and prevents you from taking up time you could spend on talking.


Don’t bring up the past in present conversations.


If you want to find the solution to a problem, make your partner feel as if there really is a solution. When you bring up past mistakes you give your partner the impression that, despite any changes or positive efforts, he is still guilty. Don’t be inclined to expect perfection.


Take responsibility for your mistakes!


If you make a mistake, take responsibility and don’t try to blame anybody else. Especially if you have broken a promise or said something offensive, don’t try to make excuses. You’ll feel better being honest and your partner will be much more willing to trust you if you take responsibility for your actions.


Step away from a heated situation.


If you begin to feel angry, take a short rest, go for a walk, listen to music, or do something around the house. Do whatever it takes to deal with your anger in a way that won’t hurt your partner.


Don’t argue in public.


You make your partner automatically defensive when begin to clear up relationship problems in the presence of other people. When this happens, the difficulties become the focus of the conversation rather than the important private issues. Look at it from the point of view of your partner. Can you truly hold frank and honest conversations in a public situation? Speak about private issues within the privacy of your home.

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