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Perfecting Your MakeUp Skills - Eyes

First of all, your face should be carefully cleansed.

You can use cleansing lotions. To achieve the best possible result, the skin also should be smooth – use an exfoliating scrub and then apply a rich moisturizer or a cleansing mask, depending on your skin type.


The 1st stage: applying eye shadow Eye shadows may be in the form of a compact powder with a matte or slightly pearl effect. Apply them with a brush: they may be applied dry or, to achieve a denser tint, with the slightly-moistened tip of a thin brush.

To achieve the best results, it’s better to use eye shadows in the form of the finest powder with a silky texture.

 If you have blue eyes, or brown or gray with a golden shimmer, use tints that match, but avoid blue and green tints. Brown eyes can work with all colors. Green eyes will look especially good with pink, purple and brown tints.

Applying eye shadows according to the shape of your eyes.

The technique of applying of eye shadows

should be guided by the shape of your eyes.

Close-set eyes.

In the inner corner of the eyelid, use the eye shadows “Shade and Light” of a light tint. Thus, you will create the effect of an unusually open look. Then, gradually shade the deeper tint to the outer corner of the eyelid.

Wide-set eyes. In the inner corner of the eyelid, use the eye shadow “Shade and Light” of a deep tint, to shorten the distance between the eyes. If your eyebrows are also wide-set, correct the line with an eyeliner pencil, Character Traits& of the same color.

Slightly roundish and small eyes. To emphasize the shape of your eyes, apply shadow to the outer corner of the eye and use the eye shadows “Shade and Light” of a dark tint. Don’t apply eye shadows up to eyebrows.

Eyes with slightly lowered corners. Give your eyes a line of ascent, emphasizing them with liquid eyeliner “Divine Line.” The line of ascent should extend upward from the outer corner of the eye, to open up your look. Apply the eye shadows “Shade and Light” evenly. Along the outline of the lower eyelid, draw a thin line with liquid eyeliner or the eyeliner pencil “Character Traits,” a little lower than the eyelashes line, lifting it along the line of the upper edge of the eye.

Slightly sunken eyes. To give your look more volume, apply lighter shades on part of the eyelid. Then apply the deep eye shadows on the upper crease of the eyelid, so as to give an impression of hollowness. Also correct the eyelid volume, underlining the lower eyelashes with the help of an eyeliner pencil “Character Traits” or the eye shadows “Shade and Light”.

Slightly bulging eyes. To lessen their volume, apply the eye shadows “Shade and Light” with a matte effect on the eyelid. Then emphasize the look, applying the deeper eye shadows on the upper edge of the eye.

Almond-shaped eyes. Makeup for almond-shaped eyes is a science in itself, as there is almost no visible eyelid, and the eye has a very flat shape. Divide the eye-area into vertical sections and apply the eye shadows, beginning with the lightest tint in the inner corner of the eye and thickening toward the outer corner.

The 2nd stage: applying an eyeliner pencil

or liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner pencil and liquid eyeliner let you draw a line around the outline of the eye, correcting its form in order to emphasize the look. They also let you make the look more open and give a line of ascent to eyes with lowered corners.

Applying an eyeliner pencil. If you have decided to use an eyeliner pencil, the eyeliner “Character Traits” by Eclipse Color Paris would be perfect for you. Its balanced texture and color selection work perfectly with the eye shadow shades and mascara, letting you achieve the absolute best results. Apply it, going along the outline of the eye, just above the eyelashes, gradually thickening the line to the upper corner of the eye.

The technique of applying eyeliner pencil

should be guided by the shape of your eye.

Elongated eyes. Draw a dotted line above the upper eyelashes. It’s not worth applying liner under the lower eyelid too much, as it will visually decrease the size of the eye. For evening makeup, you could apply deep eye shadows at the outer corner of the eye, slightly shading them with the help of a square brush.

Roundish eyes. Apply a dotted line above the upper eyelashes, slightly lifting to the outer corner of the eye. Then, using the same method, draw an outline along the lower eyelid. The eye will seem to be more elongated.

Close-set eyes.

Always begin the outline two-thirds back from the outer corner of the eye.

Wide-set eyes.

Begom the outline from the inner corner of the eye.

Applying liquid eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner is applied with the same method as eyeliner pencil, going along the outline of the eye. Liquid eyeliner lasts longer and lets you apply a lighter and more exact line.

The 3rd stage: correcting the eyebrows

Perfecting the eyebrows – the main focus of your look – gives the look depth, emphasizing its expression. Thin, dense, light, dark – first of all, they should be well formed and combed, so as to give them a nice look. If necessary, you can slightly improve their form with the help of the eyeliner pencil “Character Traits” or the eye shadows “Shade and Light” in the same tint as your eyebrows, using a brush.

Applying mascara

Mascara is used to achieve different natural effects: separation, lengthening, curling and expanding the lashes.


For the ideal application, clean excess mascara from the brush or the eyelashes can stick together. To do this, dry the brush with absorbent paper. With a deliberate movement, sweep the brush from the roots of the eyelashes to the very tips. Slightly touch the lower eyelashes (always only from the outside). If your eyes have a slightly roundish shape, it’s not worth applying mascara to the lower lashes.

For your eyelashes to curl, apply the mascara along the full length, from the roots to the very tips. To keep your eyelashes from sticking together, touch them slightly from the roots to the tips with a zigzag movement. To give your eyelashes more volume, curl them before applying mascara. Then apply two layers of mascara and the glamour effect is guaranteed!


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