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Perfecting Your MakeUp Skills - Lips


As soon as you begin speaking, your lips become the center of attention,

together with your look and your individuality. Impeccably colored lips

emphasize both what you are saying, who you seem to be and who you are

in real life.

The 1st stage: the ideal shape

First trace the outline of your lips, choosing the color nearest to the

natural color of your lips. Begin from the center of your lips, stretching

the line to the outer edge. If your lips seem to be too thin, go outside

of the outer border of your lips with the help of a dotted line. For the

line to be applied steadily, lean on your elbow for support.

Techniques of the professional makeup artist

Some foundation, applied on your lips, lets you achieve a better makeup

look. Draw the outline with the glimmer stick for lips and apply your

favorite lipstick.


2nd stage: applying lipstick

After you have finished outlining your lips. We advise you to use a brush,

as it allows you to achieve more exact results.

Techniques of the professional makeup artist

Don’t forget to nourish your lips at night with the help of some

softening, nourishing creams. In the morning, dry them with a wad of cotton

soaked in hot water in order to clear them of particles of dried skin.

You can also lightly touch your lips with a well-dried toothbrush. All

the small particles will disappear at once.

The 3rd stage: fixing your lipstick

To achieve impeccable and long-lasting results, slightly color your lips

with the glimmer stick that you used as a lip liner. Then touch the lips

with the loose powder and apply the lipstick with the help of a brush.

Dry the lips with an absorbent paper. Apply some loose powder and a new

layer of the lipstick with the same brush. An impeccable and long-lasting

result is guaranteed!

Advice of a facialist

To emphasize the ideal lip outlines, use bright, saturated or dense tints.

To achieve the opposite effect, use pastel or natural tints. But make

sure that the color of your lipstick should match your clothes. As for

lipsticks with the metallic shimmers (bronze, copper, gold), they go perfectly

with the summer season and look good with tanned skin.

Pinks, apricots, violets.

These tender pearl colors look perfect on women with light and red hair

and light skin. In this case, emphasize your eyes and eyebrows to give

the effect of contrast. If your skin has a natural goldish or suntanned

tint, avoid violet colors.

Plums, rich reds, browns, chocolates.

If you want to achieve a bright and colorful effect, in the

retro-cinema style, choose saturated colors. But be careful – only

ideal lips can wear them! For the best possible result -– do not

use any other colored tints: neither on the face, nor on the eyelids.

Beiges with a pink tint, beiges with an orange tint, tender-reds.

These half-tints, almost the color of the skin, are perfectly suited for

creating a warm, natural and harmonious makeup. The use of a brush lets

you emphasize the texture and avoid a too-faded effect.

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