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Perfecting Your MakeUp Skills - Final Step: Rouge and Lip Gloss


Rouge is the final

step, once and for all creating your complete look. It’s also indispensable

for creating the harmony between eye makeup and lipstick. Give preference

to two color-groups: with a warm orange tint, stressing the complexion

with a slight ruddiness, and with a pink tint, giving the face a healthy


Round face: apply some rouge in the form of a triangle,

directing one of the corners to the temples.

Oval face: apply the rouge on the cheekbones with circular


Square or rectangular face: apply the rouge horizontally.

Elongated face: apply the rouge horizontally, beginning

a bit lower than the cheekbones and slightly lifting them.

Techniques of the professional makeup artist

To give your round face more refined features, apply the rouge on the

cheeks; for elongated faces, on the upper part of the cheek- bones. If

you use double-rouge, use the deeper tint on the cheeks, and the lighter

one on the cheekbones, the forehead and the chin.

Expressively perceptible lips: lip-gloss

In a new summer season, your lips will shine perceptibly with a thousand

tints! To create a magical effect, use “Galactic Gloss” by

Eclipse Color Paris: its glitter emphasizes the glamour effect, giving

the lips an unusual volume and a transparent tint. You can also choose

the “Galactic Gloss” with a pearl effect – really charming…

Techniques of the professional makeup artist

To achieve a refined effect, apply the lip-gloss on the center of the

lips with a light touch of the fingertips. And to emphasize the fullness

of the lips, use a brush. To achieve a really long-lasting gloss, try

to apply two lipsticks, one over the other: one with a matte effect, the

other with a pearl effect, this will give your lips a refined shine.

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