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Eye Shadow Tips To Accentuate Your Eyes

It is clear that what gives brightness to your

look is high spirits and being in love. But to a great extent

the expressiveness of your eyes depends on improvised beauty aids –

eye pencils, mascara, and eyeliner. You know your image will

depend on how eye shadow is applied and where the pencil line is. That

is why in this article we focus on this type of eye make-up so that it

underlines the color and the form of you eyes. This time we deal with

summer face. It should be bright and easy to make. A very winsome

combination can be of the most unexpected shades. It is so easy

that even those who never dealt with an eye pencil or an applicator are

able to do it. Try and find out for yourself. However, it is better to

be aware of some nuances. So, understand thoroughly all

the aids to make your eye make-up natural. To achieve this, after making

up your eyes with black mascara, put some blue mascara above – your

look immediately becomes fresher. Add green eyeliner and mascara to the

eye make-up made in soft brown or pink shades. This detail makes your

eyes magnetic.


A good combination is turquoise color with dark blue

changing into glowing Indian blue (especially for mascara and eyeliner).

If you want to accentuate the light eyes (blue or green), a pink or orange

dot in their inner corner will be helpful to you.



But if your skin is already slightly sunburned and has

a golden-bronze shade, your eye make-up must meet it so that the eyes

stand out against this chocolate background.



To do this, make an outline with an eye pencil or eyeliner of

brown color and smudge the line with a brush or a cotton

bud in the direction of the outward corners. Then make pearl,

beige, bronze or some other brown shades from your eye shadow.

Such eye make-up highlights the color of your eyes and accentuates their

shape. You can also choose special “summer” eye shadow with

a cool effect.



When you do your eyelashes, try to put more on the roots than the tips;

otherwise, eyelashes become heavy and “fall”.

If you want to stress on the expressiveness of your look, you should distinguish

between day and evening eye make-up. For this, use richer colors in the

evening – for instance, dark blue, dark lilac, dark brown, or black.




actual eye make-up

Begin by putting coral colored eye shadow with a pearl

shade on the inward corner of an eye and the below eyebrow. Then

put dark eye shadow on the upper eyelid and eyelid line.

It is very important to match the shades of eye shadow and make

them blend into each other without visible lines. Further, make a soft

line on the upper eyelid as close to the eyelashes as possible.

Finish your eye make-up with mascara. By the way, in

summer it is better to use waterproof mascara because

it can easily peel and spread from the heat. Besides, special micro-particles

of waterproof mascara give really intense color, which is what you exactly





For day eye make-up,

you will need creamy beige and chocolate eye shadow,

brown eye pencil, black mascara, thin

brush for putting on eye-shadow, and the an eyelash curler.

You can change beige-brown to some other color combination according to

your clothes: gravel and dark green; the color of melted

cream and blue; soft pink and lilac.

Specific characteristics of day eye make-up

is as the follows:

With the help of your fingertips, spread light creamy eye shadow on the

whole upper eyelid from eyelashes to eyebrows. Put dark brown eye shadow

with a brush as close to your eyelashes as possible – it makes your

eye make-up more natural. If you prefer eye pencil, then use it making

an outline as well, but do not forget to blunt the pointer with an applicator.

With the same applicator put a little dark eye shadow on the line of the

lower eyelid – it makes eyes extremely expressive. Then thoroughly

blend the eye shadow from the line to upwards – this is the most

important detail in day eye make-up.



Now pay attention to eyelashes.

They must frame your eyes decently. To do this, you can twist them a little

with special “curling” mascara. Further, brush eyelashes with

a clean dry brush of old mascara to make them fluffy. Now, a few words

about one more aid that perfectly accentuates the expressiveness of your

eyes – about eyeliner.



A sure bet is thought to be eyeliner of black or brown color. But grey

or dark violet colors are also good, and what is more, they emphasize

the beauty of your eyes. However, first of all, use mascara of the same

shade, and your eyes will sparkle in a new way.



In conclusion, I would like to advise you not to ignore details. Sometimes

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