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Enlightened Eyes and Eyebrows

We can hardly imagine a beautiful woman without eyebrows and eyelashes. Well cared for eyebrows with correct shape give special expressiveness to the eyes and define a look.


The appeal of a woman’s face in many respects depends on the shape and color of her eyebrows. Well cared for eyebrows give expressiveness to the face and make it even more beautiful.


Eyebrows require regular care. In the evening, along

with cleaning your face, it is necessary to clean your eyebrows too because particles of dust settle on them.


Eyebrow shape varies depending on the fashion: from

dark and dense to as thin as a thread; from straight lines to abruptly



It is not necessary to follow fashion trends blindly.

Eyebrows should look natural. The shape and width of eyebrows need to

be selected for the face type; strictly what looks best for the individual.



The following eyebrows are suitable for

many face types:


  • In order to make small eyes look bigger, eyebrows are added, making them convex and wide, and the distance between them is increased, pulling hair out from the bridge of the nose. If the eyes are closely placed, the distance between the eyebrows should be increased. To look younger, it is necessary to increase the distance between the eyebrows, not reducing their width, and to create a graceful curve from the temples.
  • For an oblong face, the straight, eyebrows with hair removed from the nose bridge are suitable.
  • For a triangular face, eyebrows lifted upwards and rounded off are suitable, but straight ones are not recommended.
  • For an oval face, arched brows are the most suitable.
  • For a square face, long highly lifted eyebrows are suitable, slightly arched ones are also possible.
  • For a round face, eyebrows raised upwards and a little bit rounded off on the end are suitable.


Caring for your eyebrows and eyelashes promote preservation of hair elasticity

and stimulate its growth. The most suitable care products are those that

contain nettle extract and castor oil.



For beautiful eyebrows it’s important to define their beginning

and the end correctly. The eyebrow should begin directly above the internal

corner of the eye. Hairs on the nose bridge are pulled out. For definition

of the end of an eyebrow take a pencil and sweep it like a wing from the

nose to an external corner of the eye. The end of the eyebrow should be

where the pencil crosses with the eyebrow. The highest point of the eyebrow

should be on a line going from the center of the upper lip through a pupil

up to the eyebrow.



A small brush for eyelashes, like a small toothbrush,

is used for looking after eyebrows and eyelashes. Start

at the center edge or the eyebrow and comb with rotary movements to the

outer edge. It’s useful to moisten a brush in castor or olive oil,

in glycerin or another means for strengthening hair. This will make eyebrows

dense, silky and will strengthen their roots. To thick eyebrows apply

special gel. Those who have thin eyebrows can use the creams containing

vitamins that promote the growth of hair.



You can change the shape of your eyebrows by using a tweezers

and a pencil. Before starting the procedure you should know the precise shape you want for your eyebrows; don’t

experiment. It is better to pull the eyebrows out in the evening, because

they may be read after you’ve plucked them.



Before plucking your eyebrows, wash your hands with

soap, dry them and clean the tweezers with alcohol. Pull the skin around

your eyebrows with your fingers. Hold the tweezers with the first, second

and third fingers of the right hand.



Grasp the hair at the root with the tweezers. Squeezing

the tweezers together strongly, hold them at an acute angle to the surface

of the skin and pull the hair out forcefully in the direction of its growth.

First remove a little hair from one eyebrow, and then from the other and

check the symmetry before you continue. The eyebrow should be narrowed

towards the external end.



After depilation, wipe the skin with alcohol and put some face lotion

(cream). Clean the tweezers with alcohol too.



Using a sharply grinded pencil, it is possible to correct

the shape of your eyebrows. Before using the pencil, first clean and comb

the eyebrows. Do not draw one straight line on the line of the eyebrow;

from the inside out, draw fast short marks with the pencil, as though

drawing hair. Move from the internal end of an eyebrow to external. Use

the pencil to fill in different spaces or to extend a short eyebrow. To

make your eyebrows look like they have more volume, use eye shadow or

mascara instead of a pencil.

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