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Understanding the Ingredients in Cosmetics.

of the skin. It produces a gentle whitening effect, thus it is applied

in the production of toothpaste and cosmetics for the ameliorating of

skin pigmentation.

Petrolatum – a component

which has packaging uses. It’s used for extracting vaseline and

other materials. It’s added to the ingredients of sebacic creams.


ethers r-hydroxibenzoate, which are often used among cosmetic ingredients

as preservers and substances for killing bacteria and fungus.

Resorcinol – a crystalic

substance which becomes pink in the open air and which removes dead cells

to revive your skin.

Salol – sun blocking,

anti-microbic material possessing a delicate, pleasant fragrance.

Scvalen – an extract

of olive oil well-known in cosmetic production. It provides for skin protection,

elasticity and tanning.

Tannin – substance

found in tea, in the bark of oak trees, in nettle, in sage and in some

other plants. Contracts pores, diminishes cutaneous grease, and blocks

pellicle formation.

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