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How to prevent skin grooves

Preventing Stretch Marks


There are no cosmetic defects that concern women as much as stretch The appearance of stretch marks brings on bad moods and


makes us ready to spend a lot of money and time to get rid of them by

any means.



The main cause of the beginning of stretch marks is hormonal . They first begin during puberty. At this time in


a woman’s life, hormone levels rise. The second major period of

hormonal disturbances is pregnancy. However, except for the disturbances

of the usual cycle of hormonal oscillations of estrogens and progesterone

during pregnancy, growth is also seen in the belly, thighs and breasts.




changes in the body lead to the disturbance in the two main components

of the skin -- collagen and elastin. These substances are important for

the elasticity of the skin. If we lose these substances, the skin begins

to become thinner in places. Thus, the growth of the fetus leads to the

rapid stretching of not only the muscles and fascias of the front abdominal

wall, but also to the stretching of the skin, which, in its own part,

leads to the emergence of tears. The same thing happens when the intense

increase of the mass of a body takes place, when the skin just fails to

stretch with the constantly increasing weight gain.



The emergence of stretch marks in the breasts is connected with their

increase in size due to lactation or breastfeeding, which is quite natural

as a newborn child has to be well fed. The emergence of internal tears

in the thighs is also connected with the thinning of the skin. It happens

because the stretching of the skin in this area is quite natural. There

is nothing surprising in the fact that the skin on the thighs and buttocks

also stretches.



The emergence of stretch marks can be alarming. Numerous stretch marks

can be the result of diseases, such as Cushing's syndrome. With this disease,

the elution of a superfluous amount of hormones of adrenal cortex takes

place, which in turn is mostly connected with the presence of swelling.



Naturally, these intradermal tears do not stay the same forever. The

body rapidly restores the lost continuity by “sealing up the chinks”

with connective tissue. This process is identical to the process of healing

a wound after an injury, and a stretch mark is identical to a scar. The

connective tissue has blood vessels, which gives the lines a pink or lilac

tin. Gradually the amount of vessels decreases and the stretch marks become

white. Connective tissue does not contain pigment, and that is why it

does not change color due to suntan. So, on suntanned skin, stretch marks

are especially noticeable. Because of this, stretch marks are badly covered

with self-tanning creams and foundations.



How to prevent stretch marks and fight them after they appear:It

is not easy to prevent them but, from experience, it is clear that it

is easier to prevent them than to fight the ones already present.



Try to maintain your weight at a stable level. Sudden

increases in body weight, even with weight loss afterwards, will definitely

lead to the emergence of stretch marks.



Secondly, eat . Sweets, flours and other carbohydrates are useful only


in moderation and for some people in very small quantities. Proteins from

which collagen and elastin are synthesized, and also vegetables, containing

vitamins, carotenoids and other useful substances, are very good for our




Thirdly, take a reasonable approach to sports activities.

Stretching is very helpful, but you should not start to stretch your body

very intensively. It is better to do it under the supervision of an experienced

trainer. The amount of stretching should be increased gradually.



In order to prevent stretch marks during the pleasant 9 months , you may use a bandage. Ask your doctor to choose

of pregnancy

the right one for you, as well as the right one for the post-natal period.

These simple appliances can reduce the weigh on your spine and abdominal

wall muscles. Bandages prevent not only the emergence of stretch marks,

but also keep the belly from sagging. During pregnancy, the skin often

becomes dryish and its elastic properties are reduced. That is why it

is necessary to cover the places admittedly subjected to stretch marks

(belly, thighs and breasts) with oily cream or even with olive or vegetable

oil before going to bed.



The breasts usually start increasing on the second to fifth day after

childbirth. From this time on, it is necessary to wear a brassiere, preferably

one made of natural materials. Everyday washing of the breasts with room-temperature

water and drying with a rough towel not only tempers the skin, but is

also included in the combination of measures for the prevention of mastitis.

Among the other preventive measures is massage. It is better to use a

massager or a brush with hard bristles. Regular skin massages also fight




The treatment would be incomplete without cosmetics.

Generally included in this regimen to fight stretch marks are nutrients,

hyaluronic acid, silicone, wetting agents, natural collagen and elastin.

Most of them do not penetrate the skin, but linger on the surface, creating

a superfine husk which prevents the loss of liquid, and in this way retaining

elasticity, which is so necessary while stretching.



Unfortunately we have to consider that measures applied to stretch marks

which have already emerged are often ineffective. The treatment in this

case should be carried out with triple energy.


Instead of a conclusion, one piece of advice can be given -- never rely

only on one method. To fight stretch marks effectively, the whole arsenal

of methods is to be used, so that you don’t feel that you’ve

wasted time and money.

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