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Determine Your Skin Type

You think you know what type your skin is? Do the test below to make sure you’re right.


Knowing your skin type will help you take proper care of it. You can pay money and consult a cosmetologist, or you can do it yourself -- if you study your skin carefully.


Dry skin – dry skin is thin and clear, and oftentimes a little bit stiff; it gets reddish and peels when subjected to bad weather; there also may be some thin wrinkles. Press it hard with your finger, hold it for some time, and see what happens. If the red spot doesn’t disappear for a long time, your skin is most likely dry.


Oily skin – oily skin often looks shiny and unhealthy because of its greasy luster and big, open pores. Take a clean mirror and press it to your nose, forehead and cheeks. If you notice greasy prints on the mirror, your skin is oily.


If your skin gets rough and red easily, or if you have difficulties finding make-up, your skin is sensitive.


Mixed skin type - a mixed skin type is also very common. Usually the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) is oily, and the cheeks are dry. One-in-five women have a mixed skin-type (e.g. dry and sensitive).


If your skin is smooth, soft and elastic, you’re a lucky one –- you have a normal skin type. Make sure you take proper care of such a treasure. Skin type, as well as hair type, has a tendency to change from better to worse as you age.


The following test will help you learn more about your skin and will help you define your skin type.


“What is your skin type?”


Read the 50 statements and check the ones that are true about you. Then see what letter is the most common in your answers -– this will be your skin type.


  1. My skin gets very tight after I use cleansing lotions. T
  2. I often get red spots on face and neck. S
  3. I can’t use soap to wash my face. S
  4. My face always feels dry. S
  5. To make my skin look soft and smooth, I have to use moisturizers at least three times a day. T
  6. Every time I try a new make-up or skin cream, my skin gets pink or red. S
  7. I can use any lotion or cream and not worry about the consequences. N
  8. My skin always feels oily or greasy. F
  9. If I use powder, my face looks “spotty” within an hour. F
  10. I always have my powder box with me, because my nose is always “shining.” M
  11. The skin around my eyes often gets puffy. R
  12. My face always looks as if I have just put on some cream. F
  13. I’ve consulted the dermatologist several times because of skin irritations. S
  14. I’m allergic to many things. S
  15. I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes. R
  16. My nose and forehead always look greasy. M
  17. The number of deep lines appearing on my face continues to increase. R
  18. My skin absorbs cream like a sponge. R
  19. I think powder makes my skin dry. T
  20. When I go for a walk, my skin gets a very healthy pink look. N
  21. When I come in after a walk, my skin feels a bit tight. T
  22. I feel immediate relief after I put some cream on my face. T
  23. I sunburn easily. S
  24. My natural skin color is probably pale. S
  25. My skin looks healthy 12 months of the year. N
  26. Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep. R
  27. My pores are larger than usual. F
  28. I often have pimples and blackheads. F
  29. My skin is matte and never “shines.” T
  30. I often get acne on my nose and forehead. M
  31. I think my skin is rather “tough.” N
  32. My pores are larger in the middle of my face than they are on my cheeks. M
  33. After I swim in a pool, my skin needs a lot of cream; otherwise it stays very dry and tight for several hours. T
  34. I often take diuretics. T
  35. I’m older than 35. R
  36. I tan in a tanning booth regularly and often suntan in the summer. T
  37. My skin gets itchy when I stay in a hot place for several hours. S
  38. I wish my skin were more elastic. R
  39. I get freckles very easily. My skin is often subject to pigmentation. R
  40. If I stay in direct sunlight, I burn very quickly. S

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