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Beauty as we Age

Our skin is changing together with us. Just like you grow out of your old clothes due to fashion trends and age, our skin is growing out of its nutrients and requires more serious treatment.


Scientists have found out that under ideal conditions, human beings could live to be 150 years old, having our first wrinkles not appear until 45. But poor living environments, bad habits and constant stress lead to an early start of the aging processes. All beauty institutions are engaged in searching for the elixir of youth, or at least some means to postpone cells’ aging and protect skin from the harmful influences of numerable detrimental factors. It is in our best interest to take advantage of their achievements – make use of the cosmetics that correctly correspond to our skin age and condition.


Ages 25 – 30. Naturalness and freshness. Young skin usually gives no trouble to its owner. However, sleepless nights spent in night clubs, numerous cups of coffee and lots of cigarettes have an adverse effect on your skin. Your complexion grows dim, shadows appear under your eyes. Of course these are signs of exhaustion rather than aging, but you should not ignore elementary skin care rules.


The main task at this age is to clean and moisturize skin the right way.


  • Many women maintain greasy skin and acne until they are 25-27 years old. To solve this problem, clear your skin by choosing products with a zinc, salicylic acid or manuka oil basis.
  • Choose decorative make-up marked “incomedogene”, as they do not clog up pores. Use soothing tonics which will disinfect your skin, remove grease excess and make your face matted before applying make-up.
  • There are a lot of light texture creams in the stores, choose the ones that compensate for a deficiency in your skin’s moisture content and protect it from early aging.
  • During the day, refresh your face with thermal or mineral water spray. You may spray it on the make-up.
  • Use protective creams, including those containing UF-filters, especially in summer time.
  • Do not forget to take care of your hands and lips. Use appropriate products.


Ages 30 – 35. Spring flourishing. By thirty years old, our first minor wrinkles begin to appear, and they are especially noticeable on dry skin due to the loss of moisture and elasticity.


  • To prevent loss of moisture, use creams with Vitamin E and C, hyaluronic acid and keramids, which compensate for a deficiency in moisture content and restore protective lipid cover.
  • Creams containing liposomes revive skin elasticity: they bring active substances to the cells aiding in quick rejuvenation.
  • Products containing whey with silk proteins and seaweed extracts create a lifting-effect. Use them once a week, or periodically several times a year.
  • While taking care of your face, do not forget to apply cream to your neck as well: the skin is rather thin here; it has no sebaceous tissue and therefore looses elasticity so quickly.


Ages 35 – 45. Summer of maturity. Metabolism becomes slower after forty; skin becomes thinner, drier and more sensitive.

Its protective functions diminish and our cells’ renovation process becomes slower as well, due to the lack of nutritious substances. You have to pay more attention to yourself and use stronger creams.


  • Your skin needs both moisturizing and nutrition. There are a range of products used to combat aging: milks, tonics, scrubs, day and night creams, whey, masks and creams for skin around the eyes.
  • It is better to buy all the products of one series, as they contain the same active components. Using these products consistently will intensify and prolong their effectiveness.
  • Buy creams marked “anti-aging”. They are capable of penetrating into the deeper layers of skin - not only bring nutritious substances to the cells, but also affecting collagen and elastin structure, slowing the aging process. Regular creams for dry or greasy skin are not effective.


Peeling is one of the most effective of the rejuvenating programs: it stimulates and starts the process of renewing skin cells. There are two types of peeling used in cosmetology: mechanical and chemical peelings. As a result, little wrinkles smooth down, wrinkle depth lessens, pores shrink, the skin becomes more elastic and its texture and color improve. After peeling, you should apply soothing, moisturizing or restoring masks.


Another popular procedure, thermo masks, not only help nutrients to

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