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Picking the Right Man to Marry

How do you not make a mistake and choose only one out of many candidates for your hand and heart? By choosing the one with whom you are likely to live long and happily. Consult our star guide and find out the prospects of your relationships.


Everything is only going to happen.


Who. Film “Electra” star Jennifer Garner and famous actor Ben Affleck.


How. The latter (Ben) asked one of Jennifer’s friends to bring her to a café on her 33rd birthday. Some time later, Affleck came in followed by a truck with a large present box – Garner even started to think of a car being in the box. However, there was just a small case inside. Having opened it, the beauty saw a ring decorated with diamonds which cost $468,000.


The result. Neither Jennifer nor Ben confirmed their engagement.


Our advice. If you are refined and your fiancé is romantic, then regardless of the kind of relationship you will have in future the period of courting will be remembered by you forever and ever.


Diamonds on Bahamas.


Who. Famous supermodel Elle Macpherson and 38-year old Swiss banker Arpad Busson -- her good friend and the father of her little son (4 years old).


How. Arpad offered his hand and heart to Elle in the Bahamas, where the couple was on vacation. The fiancé gave his beloved a wedding ring with large diamonds.


The result. Everyone is expecting a wedding.


Our advice. You may call such a way of proposing what wish – classical, banal, or bourgeois. Anyway, such a variant is the most preferable: a happy-end is guaranteed.


Simplicity won’t do.


Who. Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her first fiancé – American football league player Glenn Davis.


How. The man presented his beloved with a small gold football.


The result. The relations between them did not become anything serious, but Elizabeth wore the adornment for quite a long time.


Our advice. Of course it is pleasant to be given a nice little trinket, but beware: this man does not care if you need this thing in the same way he does not care about your needs. Maybe that is why Elizabeth Taylor preferred Michael Todd as a husband. While courting her, he presented the actress with a diamond ring worth $92,000 and rented a plane (“Lucky Liz”), of which the interior was much to Taylor’s liking and cost more than $100,000. Todd made a lot of crazy gestures for Elizabeth: he bought two cinemas and renamed them into “His” and “Hers”, rented luxurious houses and cars with interiors of which he changed, and each Saturday he celebrated the day of meeting with his beloved. He heaped her with jewelry, furs, and smart dresses. However, this union also broke up some time later.


A bit of pets.


Who. Top-model Claudia Schiffer and British cinema producer Matthew Vaughn.


How. He presented her with a turtle that she was always dreaming of.


The result. A wedding and childbirth: a boy and a girl (the difference is a year and ten months).


Our advice. Your darling considers your wishes important; he will try to make each of them true. You should not worry if the first thing he buys won’t be a palace that you have been dreaming of since childhood.


The hunting of the wild cat.


Who. Actors Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin.


How. At first he was following Kim for a few months with no result – he called, wrote heart-rending letters, invited her to the most luxurious restaurants, gave her expensive presents, and then became her partner in the movie “The Marrying Man”. They began to hamper the work by coming to the shooting area in the afternoon or not making their appearance at all. As a result the film director was sent to hospital with a heart attack, the movie failed, and happy Alec Baldwin proposed to Basinger one more time on the Long-Island beach and got her “yes”.


The result. They got married on the same beach in August 1993. But then they got divorced because of Kim’s unbalanced character: she suffered from different phobias, like claustrophobia, socio phobia, was afraid of darkness, loneliness, and the future. Basinger practically stopped taking care of herself – she walked around the house in jogging trousers and old t-shirts and she forgot about cosmetics. Right after divorce Kim started to date rapper Eminem, who was 20 years younger than her.


Our advice. A wild love affair with chasing is a serious load on the unsteady nervous system. Be aware not to become the main character of a thriller – yes, they survive in movies, but what are the consequences?

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