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16 Steps To Catching The Man Of Your Dreams

the man of your dreams will look like a accountant, not a gladiator.

If you’ve always considered a bald spot the ugliest thing in the

world, it’s high time to understand that every man will have it

sooner or later. If you hate red hair or thin lips, try to draw a portrait

of a man with these features (and use other things that would make you

say ‘no’ at first sight). Now, imagine that such a man has

just rescued you from under a speeding car or brought you a hundred

of roses. Let your imagination work until you start seeing the man himself,

not his hair.

  • Make your past work on your future.

    You always get dumped by guys? You think that pain and disappointment

    are obligatory parts of every relationship? Well, everybody has his

    own sad story. Make these fears and stereotypes your friends. Let your

    past teach you a lesson. Describe (write down) the situations when you

    felt angry, unsatisfied, or hurt. Analyze your recent relationships.

    If you notice that they have something in common, like jealousy, misunderstanding,

    or distrust, try to understand why and think about what you can do to

    avoid these situations. Are you ready to make changes so that you’ll

    never be in these shoes again? If this step seems too difficult, it

    may make sense to consult with a psychologist.

  • Love yourself.

    We must love ourselves! Even if we need to repeat one thousand times

    “I’m the most beautiful woman in the world” on our

    way to work. Look at yourself as if you were a loving man. You don’t

    like a dimple in your chin – fall in love with it. Just imagine

    that all your charm is concentrated in this small part of your face.

    Remember how Madonna made a slit between her teeth seem sexy. Or Cindy

    Crawford with her mole – a feature which seemed worse than the

    plague in the beginning of her career. Get yourself a mirror and look

    at every line, every mole and every dimple. Don’t be shy to look

    lovingly at yourself – that’s the way you want men to look

    at you!

  • Try something new.

    When you’re happy and open to new impressions, everybody around

    you notices this. Do something you haven’t done for ages –

    buy some plants to decorate your window sill or drive to the country

    to take pictures of the setting sun. Do something you’ve dreamt

    about – buy a camera and be a reporter, start taking belly-dance

    or flamenco classes. You can go further and try something extreme –

    hang-gliding or kayaking. Adrenalin will wake up your energy –

    that’s what attracts others to you.

  • Go out!

    You will never find The Man staying at home. Accept every invitation

    – from block parties to spending weekends with cousins. Use every

    chance for communication and one day you’ll meet Him. Do not stay

    in the shade, but be natural – just be yourself and spend time

    with people you like.

  • Wait for a dream to come true.

    When we grew up, we totally forgot that happiness is random. Really,

    the most fantastic, crazy, astonishing things can happen to us at any

    time in any place! Tomorrow, next weekend, in 2 months – you never

    know. Remember this!

  • Learn by the others’ mistakes.

    You think you’ve had enough ‘negative’ experience?

    Even if so, you can’t always see your mistakes clearly through

    the veil of pain and resentment. It’s easier to learn by listening

    to stories of your friends, reading memoirs of famous women and stars’

    life-stories. Analyze the stories of success and failure. Write down

    your own opinion: what is the main mistake of the character, what is

    she right about? Imagine yourself in her shoes – do you think

    the end would be different? What is most important - you must be sincere

    when answering these questions. Then you may successfully avoid some

    mistakes in reality.

  • Study men.

    Do not surround yourself with only female stuff – hobbies, activities.

    To be interesting to men, you must know something besides fashion trends

    or cosmetology. Play on his field. Find out who’s the most promising

    soccer-player of the season or what’s new in the car industry.

    Watch sports news, go to a gym or attend some computer courses. You

    don’t have to become a pro in every sphere – even a couple

    of phrases in men’s language will attract his attention. And additionally,

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